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The ACTCOSS Board is our board of governance. It provides financial and legal oversight and the strategic direction for the organisation. Its directors are elected from ACTCOSS members for a 3 year term at the AGM in November each year.

2020-21 Board


  • Acting Chair: Andrew Rowe, Associate Member

Board Directors

See below for bios of current Board directors.

Contact the Board

You may like to contact board directors with your thoughts about ACTCOSS, its direction and performance.

Please contact us and we will put you in touch.

Becoming a Board Director

Each year a number of Board positions become available. The existing Board looks at the current skill sets and lived experience in our Board, and identifies where there may be gaps. ACTCOSS then calls for nominations from our membership, encouraging candidates with skill sets and experience which would help round out the Board.

To nominate for the ACTCOSS Board you must:

  • Be a member of ACTCOSS – either an Associate Member or an appointed Delegate of a Community Organisation Member (Affiliate Members are not eligible)
  • Have paid your membership fees
  • Complete and return your nomination form by the closing date.

If we receive more nominations than there are positions available, the members present at our AGM vote. The nominees with the most votes are elected to the Board for a 3 year term (or 1 year for casual vacancies that have arisen).

Keep an eye out for the call for nominations prior to the November AGM.

You can find out more about our Board responsibilities and the election rules in the ACTCOSS Constitution (see Governing Documents).

Board Director Bios

Andrew RoweAndrew Rowe – Acting Chair

Associate Member

Andrew Rowe was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of Havelock Housing Association, which provides low-cost safe and secure homes for people experiencing financial disadvantage, and accessible housing for people with a disability.

He is currently consulting to the community and NFP sector, advising on strategy and governance to disability housing and community housing providers, and working on international aid projects across the Asia Pacific region. 

He has served the community sector for almost 20 years, including as a board director and chair for a disability advocacy organisation, the ACT Council of Social Service, and is currently a board director of Common Ground Canberra, and Vice Chair of ACTCOSS.

Andrew is a champion of social justice and believes in creating enduring, values-based partnerships based on common purpose. He is a strong supporter of the Housing First, Youth Foyer and Common Ground housing models, and firmly believes that safe and secure long-term housing is the first step in rebuilding lives.

Alicia Flack-KoneAlicia Flack-Kone – Ordinary Director

ACT Down Syndrome Association

Alicia is the mother of a 12-year-old son with Down syndrome. Alicia is the President of the ACT Down Syndrome Association and was a former member of the ACT Office of Disability Board. She is a member of the ACT Disability Education Reference Group, member of ACT Council of Social Service and Board member of Down Syndrome Australia (DSA). Alicia’s career has spanned across 25 years in education and training, and she has been an activist and advocate for social change during this time. Alicia is currently employed as a corporate trainer in mental health. When she can Alicia enjoys mountain bike riding.

Andrew Scotford – Ordinary Director

CIT Student Association

[Bio coming soon]

Beth Slatyer – Ordinary Director

Associate Member

[Bio coming soon]

Cathi MooreCathi Moore – Ordinary Director

Parentline ACT and Associate Member

Cathi currently works part time in the area of mentoring and community consultation in the ACT and is a Company Director. Cathi has had extensive experience in governance and volunteering in the non-government sector.

Between late 1997 and 2007, Cathi was a Director of Como Services Pty Ltd. Cathi has extensive experience in undertaking community consultations, facilitation and evaluations. Cathi has a wide range of experience in social policies and programs and housing policy.

In 1975 she worked with the Australian Council of Social Service to establish National Shelter. In 1984 she was a member of the team at the Department of Social Security who established the first Supported Accommodation Assistance Program. From 1985 to 1987 she was responsible for the development of local government and community housing programs and management of crisis accommodation programs for the Department of Housing and Construction.

Cathi’s public sector experience (1987-97) was at the Senior Executive Service level and involved reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of government services in the former Commonwealth Department of Administrative Services and implementing improvements to client services. Cathi has also worked in the Northern Territory for three years and has experience in working with diverse communities.

Cathi has undertaken consulting work on a range of national social policy, including housing and program evaluations in conjunction with Strategic Partners and Success Works.

Cathi has extensive experience in liaising with all levels of government and consulting and working closely with tenant organisations, public and private tenants. 

Cathi has had experience in reviewing and writing policies and procedures in government and in the non-government sector.

Cathi is currently a Director of Community Housing Canberra, President of Parentline ACT, Assistant Treasurer of the Marymead Auxiliary and a Life Member of the YWCA of Canberra and YWCA of Australia. Cathi has also been a member of ACTCOSS for many years and has, in the past served in governance roles for ACTCOSS.

Cathi was appointed ACT Senior Woman of the year in 2018 and AM in 2020.

Dorji TsheringDorji Tshering – Ordinary Director

Associate Member

Dorji is passionate to see individuals and communities thrive in well-being. To promote goals, objectives and potentials of human beings who are respectful, kind, compassionate and caring. A person who puts at his heart the well-being of all members of the community and fellow beings.  

A believer of sound policies as a quintessential instrument to achieve community aspirations and social positivities. Keen to use his public policy knowledge and skills dedicated to advancing positive social outcomes.

Ready and willing to learn from anyone and share his experiences in the public sector, not-for-profit and international NGOs.  A mixture of experiences working here at home and overseas with a multicultural background and English as a second/third language, Dorji is determined to add character and perspectives that are unique to a person beginning to live in an advanced economy world. 

Known and engaged in the Bhutanese community for a one-year voluntary role as President of the Australia-Bhutan Association of Canberra Inc., Dorji's leadership has shown the brighter and higher scale of hope and confidence in the governance of the association and its objectives.

An insatiable thirst to better public speaking skills and confidence, Dorji's hobbies are listening to and speaking like a great orator!

As a Board director of ACTCOSS, Dorji is determined and committed to fully represent the ACTCOSS's goals and objects for the positive outcomes of members and the community.

Sarah Murdoch – Ordinary Director

Anglicare NSW South | NSW West | ACT

Sarah has worked in the community sector for 18 years, working in disability services, mental health services, youth and family services and emergency relief.  Sarah has a strong passion for people within our community with vulnerabilities and who have experienced trauma.

Sarah was the previously the Executive Officer at St Johns Care in Reid and is currently the Anglicare ACT Manger for Youth and Family Services.

Sarah has a diploma in Disability Services, Mental Health Counselling and a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma.

Sarah is a Member of the Families ACT Advisory Committee and is committed to the development of policies and procedures that assist in an equable and just community.