ACT Council of Social Service Inc.

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Governing Documents

ACTCOSS is governed using a number of key documents that outline our role, strategic direction and processes. These documents help shape our work, keep us democratic and responsive to our members and stakeholders, and ensure we stay on track.

ACTCOSS Constitution

The Constitution provides the legal framework and processes that govern ACTCOSS as an incorporated entity under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991.

The Constitution includes:

  • our objectives as an organisation
  • our membership eligibility and processes
  • our accountability and democratic institutions.

ACTCOSS Constitution - September 2019

Strategic Plan

The ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2023-2025 outlines our vision, purpose, objectives and other guiding principles for 2023-2025. It helps us decide what we focus on and how we work.

ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Annual Reports

The ACTCOSS annual report is a record of our achievements each year, including major policy advocacy, sector development and organisation development activities.

Note: Due to timing and audit issues some annual financial reports have been published separately. For a copy of these, please contact us.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2021-22

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2020-21

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2019-20

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2018-19

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2017-18

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2016-17

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2015-16

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2014-15

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2013-14

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2012-13

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2011-12

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2010-11

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2009-10

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2008-09

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2007-08

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2006-07


ACTCOSS Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-24

Our vision for a reconciled Australia is of a nation where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples enjoy the same quality of life as other Australians.

This is ACTCOSS' third Reconciliation Action Plan and its second Innovate Plan - and these documents set out specific actions ACTCOSS is committed to achieving during 2022-24 to contribute to this vision of a reconciled Australia.

ACTCOSS Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-24

Previous ACTCOSS Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-18


Pledge for Reconciliation and Justice

Prior to developing a RAP, ACTCOSS made a Pledge for Reconciliation and Justice. Our Pledge sets out our commitments to achieving reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians.

ACTCOSS Pledge for Reconciliation and Justice

The Social Compact

The Social Compact is a statement of understanding about the relationship between the ACT Government and the community sector. It outlines principles of good communication and partnership for the benefit of all people and communities in the ACT.

ACTCOSS promotes and recognises The Social Compact as a dynamic tool, articulating the important relationship of government and community.

The Social Compact was first released in 2001, updated in 2004 and 2012.

You can read the ACT Government’s Social Compact at the ACT Community Services website.

The National Compact

The National Compact was released in 2010, but has expired and was not renewed. The compact website has since been taken down.

Find out more about the original National Compact by reading the Australian Government National Compact media release and the ACOSS National Compact media release.