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Good Governance Principles & Guidance

Australian Institute of Company Directors - 10 Good Governance Principles and Guidance for NFP Organisations

The Principles and Guidance

  • Are designed to assist boards in determining what constitutes good governance practice for their organisations.
  • Are designed to promote and facilitate the crucial conversations and associated activities NFP organisations undertake regularly to achieve good governance.
  • Are not an attempt to formulate rules on what might constitute good governance practice for NFP organisations, or prescribe related behaviours and specific actions.

How the publication can be used

Ten Principles - one way in which an organisation can use the Principles and Guidance is by focusing on the Principles one at a time over a series of board meetings. This format may be useful for organisations where directors are less experienced in governance or have concerns around particular issues.

Questions for Consideration - a key aspect of the Principles and Guidance are questions for consideration. The questions for consideration are designed to enable boards to consider the governance needs of their own organisations.