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An Afternoon with Jeffery Amatto - 16 Nov

Event date: 
16 November 2020
Event time: 
Online via Zoom
Please join our special Zoom Presentation and listen to this young man’s inspiring story as he shares his personal journey with you all.

Jeff will speak of his life as a heroin addict and how he has spent most of his juvenile and adult life incarcerated.

He will speak about some of the atrocities he witnessed during this time and how he finally came to the realisation that gaol was not helping him from remaining drug/alcohol or crime free. Jeff knew that something needed to change if his life was going to change. He knew if there was no change he would have certainly die.

Hopefully from listening to Jeff’s story of survival within a cultural and spiritual framework it is possible to break the cycle of addiction. He does this work to support and inspire all his people to make change and he does it in the hope it may change the way we all think about how society deals with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are so over represented within the Justice system due to crimes committed purely out of desperation from the addiction they live within.

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