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Cybersecurity Risk Management Masterclass

Event date: 
28 August 2018
Event time: 
8.30am - 4.30pm
Conference Room, Meyer VanDenberg, Level 2, 121 Marcus Clarke Street

Facilitated by Steven Bowman & Monica Schlesinger

Risk Management as a broad discipline at the Board level is still relatively misunderstood, let alone new game-changing issues facing Boards today such as Cybersecurity.  For years, it has been ‘the people in IT’ who have had the primary responsibility for ensuring the privacy and overall safety of their organisations digital infrastructure.

Those days are long gone.  Simply understanding that threats exist but choosing to ‘wait and watch’ is no longer an acceptable strategy.  With the current and ever evolving cyber threat landscape, Board now have a greater legal and fiduciary responsibility to protect their organisation against a range of new risks. 

Where, then, does Cybersecurity fit into our Board agendas?  Are Boards part of the solution or, through insufficient action, part of the problem?  How can the board transform Cybersecurity from something it manages – to something that can be exploited for competitive advantage? 

This intensive one-day Masterclass presented by Steven Bowman and Monica Schlesinger will unpack these questions by looking at risk management, risk reporting, and the strategic advantage that risk can be turned into.  They will also share step-by-step processes needed to develop a cybersecurity strategy at the Board level, and how to implement this strategy into the governance of your organisation to create a culture of security awareness. 

Steven is a leading international adviser in corporate and not-for-profit strategy and governance.  He has held numerous Senior Executive, CEO, and Board positions with some of the USA and Australia’s most prestigious organisations, as well as authoring and co-authoring over 14 books on strategy, risk, and executive leadership. 

Monica is an experienced IT & Cyber-Governance Director – combining technical knowledge form her 10-year sting as an IT architect and systems integrator with governance, risk management, and advisory services.  Monica has decades of directorship experience, and is the principal at Advisory Boards Group International.  

Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be provided. 

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Event cost: 
Member $380, Non Members $450 (Too much for you or your organisation? Please contact us and we will do our best to offer support to participate - [email protected] or 02 6202 7200)
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Ryan Joseph
02 6202 7200
ACTCOSS meeting room, 1/6 Gritten Street
WestonAustralian Capital Territory 2611