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A Gender Agenda community sector roundtable

Event date: 
18 July 2022
Event time: 
10:00 AM
Microsoft Teams

A Gender Agenda (AGA) are currently engaging with stakeholders to inform development of their next strategic plan. AGA is working with Mia Swainson as a consultant to support the strategic planning process.

Community Sector organisations are important stakeholders for AGA and we would like to invite you to meet with us and contribute your perspective into the strategic planning process. We are particularly interested in your perspective on these three questions:

  • What’s the most valuable aspect of AGA?
  • Is there anything about AGA that you would change?
  • What will it look like when AGA has been successful in 20 years’ time?

This event will be held online.
To receive an event invite & Teams link, email [email protected]

Event contacts
Contact name: 
Pat Johnson
02 6202 7277