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Incarceration Nation - National Reconciliation Week 2023 Screening

Event date: 
31 May 2023
Event time: 
4.00pm - 5.45pm
Arc Cinema, NFSA, McCoy Cct, Acton

Come along to the ACTCOSS National Reconciliation Week screening of Incarceration Nation, made possible by the NFSA.

Incarceration Nation is a story of strength and resistance in the face of racism and oppression. The film lays bare the story of the continued systemic injustice and oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on their own land, told by Indigenous Australians.

This story needs to be told; it’s time to put our Nation’s justice system on trial.

The greatest cost is the loss of culture, community and lives.

Every day, thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia wake up behind the bars of Australian prisons. Children live out their childhood in juvenile detention centres, hundreds of kilometres away from their families. Families watch on as the deaths of their once imprisoned relatives play out in courtrooms.

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