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Seminar: Financial Acumen by ACT Human Services Registrar

Event date: 
9 November 2018
Event time: 
9.30am - 12.30pm
ACTCOSS Meeting Room, 1/6 Gritten Street, Weston ACT 2611

Facilitated by the ACT Human Services Registrar (HSR) of the Quality, Complaints and Regulation branch of Community Services Directorate (CSD).

The HSR provides risk responsive oversight and regulation of community service providers, namely:

1.  Community housing providers under the Community Housing Providers National Law (ACT) Act 2013;
2.  Specialist disability service providers under the Disability Services Act 1991; and 
3.  Community care and protection service providers under the Children and Young People Act 2008.

This seminar aims to support community organisations to build their capability in identifying and managing their own organisational risk through improved financial acumen.This includes understanding the importance of quality governance structures, financial reporting, business planning, and risk management.

The focus of the seminar is to take a strategic lens to budgeting and financial monitoring and decision-making processes in community organisations. The session will unpack the interconnection between strategic plans, business plans, risk management processes and budgets, using budgets as a central linking document.

The session is recommended for current and future board members of community organisations along with finance officers and/or bookkeepers.

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Free - registration required
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Ryan Joseph
1/6 Gritten Street
WestonAustralian Capital Territory 2611