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Media release: ACT community leaders talk philanthropy

17 July 2013

Leaders from business, government and community sectors are coming together today to talk about building philanthropic partnerships that will benefit Canberra and the region.

The ACT Council of Social Service has joined with bankmecu to host this event, because they share a commitment to creating a better, stronger future in which everyone can contribute, participate and belong.

Susan Helyar, Director of the ACT Council of Social Service said, “By talking with individuals and organisations who are leaders in our community we will develop new understandings of how philanthropy in Canberra could grow and evolve.

“It’s rare for business, community, philanthropic and government leaders to have the opportunity to explore together the values they share and their aspirations for Canberra and the region.

“I am looking forward to hearing how we can expand the scope and reach of philanthropy. What are the skills, resources and energy we are yet to tap into? Who has a passion for ensuring no one in Canberra goes without a decent meal, a roof over their head and access to essential services – but does not yet have the right avenue to make their contribution? Who wants to make sure every child and young person can pursue their talents, whatever their life circumstances? Who has a vision for what Canberra’s philanthropic partnerships could look like in ten years’ time, and wants to be part of turning visions into reality?

“Our conversation will be facilitated by Di Kargas AM, whose listing on the Honour Role of 100 inspiring women in the ACT in 2011 was in no small part due to her leadership of philanthropy in Canberra and beyond.”

Jo O’Sullivan, Manager of Community Banking at bankmecu, said, “As Australia's first customer owned bank, bankmecu believes solutions to a range of issues can best be found when business, government and the community come to the table to work in partnership. We are hopeful this event will improve social outcomes across the Canberra community.”

Ms Helyar concluded, “Canberra is a generous community. We already have excellent philanthropic partnerships that have brought hope, opportunity and rewards to everyone involved. This event today will enable us to explore what more can be done to bring together people and organisations who are committed to building community strength and enhancing social wellbeing in Canberra and our region.”

For more information or comment please contact
Susan Helyar, Director, on 0448 791 987 or 02 6202 7200.