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Media release: Protecting a Fair Go - Community Response to the 2014-15 Federal Budget Forum

16 September 2014

Joint media release with St Vincent de Paul Society.

Protecting a Fair Go - Community Response to the 2014-15 Federal Budget Forum

Co-hosted by ACTCOSS and St Vincent de Paul Society

Panel Members address the values that our community holds and where these are not being reflected in key social policy budget measures.

Jenny Kitchin, President ACTCOSS states, “The punitive measures in the budget affecting young people have the potential to bring increasing numbers into our welfare system.

It is our responsibility to give young people the best opportunities to gain an education and meaningful work, without placing senseless and damaging barriers in their way.

These measures are totally counterproductive and we need to work with government to find a far more productive path to achieving employment for this aspiring next generation.”

Key Speakers include

John Falzon, National CEO St Vincent de Paul Society  

“There’s nothing human about humiliating people because they are outside the labour market or on its low-paid fringes. There’s nothing smart about making it unaffordable for people to see a doctor or for their kids to go to university.”

Susan Helyar, Director ACT Council of Social Service Inc. (ACTCOSS)

“We are asking people in Canberra whether they support the Federal Budget.  What we hear is that the changes to welfare and the measures that cut revenue to fund services that we all use at some time in our lives are unfair and do not reflect community priorities or values.  We are providing an opportunity at this Forum for the views of these citizens to be heard.” 

Events Details:

Monday 22 September 2014 from 4.00 – 6.00pm,

National Film and Sound Archive Theatre, Acton.

All Media Enquiries can be directed to Colleen O’Sullivan mobile 0410 009 600.