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One of the ways ACTCOSS raises awareness in the community about social justice issues is through the media. Below you will find our media releases and key appearances.

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Media appearance: Op ed - Let’s keep up the dangerous conversations

13 October 2016

Canberra’s election campaign conversations are shaping the political debate and raising the stakes. Engagement in the election is the highest since self-government in 1989, argues ACTCOSS Director Susan Helyar.

Media release: Comprehensive housing strategy first job of new ACT Government

7 October 2016

Nine leading Canberra industry, community, union and professional groups have united to issue a joint call to action to improve housing in this city one week out from the ACT election.

Media release: Transport: right issue, wrong debate

28 September 2016

The ACT Council of Social Service have released an election ask and position paper which shows Canberra’s current transport debate is missing the mark which should be how to help...

Media release: ACT leaders to go head to head on community priorities for election

26 August 2016

The ACT’s three main party leaders, Andrew Barr (ACT Labor), Jeremy Hanson (Canberra Liberals) and Shane Rattenbury (ACT Greens) will go head to head at a party leaders forum next Monday to respond to the ACT Community Shared Statement for the next term of government.

Media alert: Listening to citizen voice at ACTCOSS Conference

15 July 2016

Susan Helyar, the Director of the ACT Council of Social Service has announced that this year’s biennial ACTCOSS conference, to be held from 4-5 August 2016, will focus on amplifying citizen voice.

Media appearance: Op ed - Strong citizen voice a vital spark to invigorate election

9 June 2016

Read ACTCOSS Director Susan Helyar's op ed on the importance of all people being able to participate safely in public debate.

Media release: ACT Budget invests to turn off the tap on drivers of inequality

7 June 2016

The ACT Council of Social Service supports the overall direction of the ACT Budget for 2016-17 announced today. New funding to respond better to the needs of people exposed to domestic and family violence, more funding for mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, emergency and trauma health services, justice programs and well targeted resources to improve education outcomes for students with...

Media appearance: Radio interview - Changes to the minimum wage

1 June 2016

Radio interview with Director Susan Helyar, ACTCOSS, about the changes to the minimum wage, on 2CC, Canberra. Interviewer: Tim Shaw.

Media release: Meet the Canberra people caught in our housing crisis

9 April 2016

Twelve Canberra individuals and families have spoken out about their experience of housing stress and homelessness in a new publication which combines true stories and voter voices with electorate by electorate data to present a fresh and alarming picture of Canberra’s housing crisis.

Media release: Transport costs blowing out low income budgets

5 April 2016

The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) has released its 2016 Cost of Living Report, which this year focuses on the costs of transport in Canberra. The research finds that Canberra has the second highest expenditure on transport amongst capital cities in the country. Darwin, the city with the highest transport expenditure is $233.78, with Canberra only marginally behind on $232.23. These...