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One of the ways ACTCOSS raises awareness in the community about social justice issues is through the media. Below you will find our media releases and key appearances.

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Media release: ACTCOSS condemns opaque ACT child protection system: community must have a say

23 June 2020

ACTCOSS today condemned the ACT Government’s inadequate consultation on new legislation that will simplify the ability to dispense with parental consent for children to be adopted.  

Media release: Social housing key to building back better in the ACT

18 June 2020

ACTCOSS and ACT Shelter today called on the ACT Government to commit to investment in social housing in their plans for community recovery and rebuilding the economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media release: Let’s seize this chance for action on gambling harm

11 June 2020

ACTCOSS has welcomed a policy announcement by the ACT Greens to cap pokies bets at $5 to reduce gambling harm.

Media release: ACT Government must introduce measures to help Canberrans find the best electricity offer

5 June 2020

ACTCOSS today welcomed recommendations by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission aimed at supporting ACT energy consumers to find a better electricity offer more easily.

Media release: ACTCOSS welcomes recommendations in second COVID-19 committee report

2 June 2020

ACTCOSS today welcomed committee recommendations that have called for greater transparency in the ACT Government’s response to COVID-19.

Media release: Report highlights that women carers disproportionately impacted by poverty

28 May 2020

New pre-COVID-19 analysis of poverty in Australia has shown that households where women are the main income earners are twice as likely to live in poverty as those where men are the main income earners (19% and 10% of households in Australia respectively). The gap is even higher in households with children (at 23% and 10%).

Media release: ACTCOSS Autumn Journal: Wellbeing must be at the heart of our community’s recovery from COVID-19

19 May 2020

ACTCOSS today released its regular journal, Update, on the theme of wellbeing in the ACT.

Media release: ACTCOSS calls supported by COVID-19 Committee

18 May 2020

ACTCOSS today welcomed a COVID-19 committee report that supports measures called for by ACTCOSS.

Media release: ACTCOSS welcomes release of COVID-19 ACT Disability Strategy

18 May 2020

ACTCOSS today welcomed the release of the ACT Government’s COVID-19 Disability Strategy. The strategy outlines principles, goals and objectives to support people with a disability and the disability sector during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery period.

Joint media release: As coronavirus-racism increases, ACTCOSS and CMCF support Minister’s call for national anti-racism strategy

11 May 2020

ACTCOSS and CMCF have joined together and welcomed the joint statement by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs Mr Chris Steel MLA and the Minister for Justice and Mental Health Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA condemning the rise in racist incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic.