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One of the ways ACTCOSS raises awareness in the community about social justice issues is through the media. Below you will find our media releases and key appearances.

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Joint media release: COVID-19: Confusion still exists over access to PPE for people with disability

8 May 2020

ACTCOSS has joined disability and carer peak bodies in a call for urgent action to ensure people with disabilities, carers and disability service providers have clear advice and appropriate access to personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media release: ACT community sector critical in preventing abuse of vulnerable people

8 May 2020

ACTCOSS today welcomed legislation by the ACT Government to provide an avenue for vulnerable older people or people with a disability, and their advocates, to access ACT Human Rights Commission processes in seeking to address situations of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Media release: Planning decisions must reflect community needs

7 May 2020

ACTCOSS has welcomed the recommendations by a major ACT inquiry into planning and urban renewal as an opportunity to better engage with diverse members of the Canberra community on development in the Territory.

Media release: Housing report highlights need to maintain JobSeeker increase

30 April 2020

ACTCOSS today highlighted the importance of maintaining increased levels of income support and called for more government action to address the shortage of affordable housing in the ACT following the release of data on rental affordability in Canberra.

Joint statement: ACT community services support National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services’ COVID-19 policy statement

24 April 2020

ACTCOSS has united with the Women’s Centre for Health Matters, the Women’s Legal Centre ACT and Professor Lorana Bartels to support the NATSILS COVID-19 policy statement and to call for its implementation in the ACT.

Media release: Human rights must be protected in COVID-19

15 April 2020

ACTCOSS welcomes a landmark statement by internationally-recognised human rights advocates calling for equal access to lifesaving medical treatment for people with disability during COVID-19.

Media release: COVID-19 - New stimulus package welcomed

2 April 2020

ACTCOSS has welcomed the second ACT Government stimulus package, which focuses on relief to renters and additional funding to community organisations working to see Canberrans through the COVID-19 crisis.

Media relese: ACT Government must allow community services flexibility in responding to COVID-19 crisis

24 March 2020

ACTCOSS is calling upon the ACT Government to reduce the administrative burden on community service providers as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Media release: Community COVID-19 rescue package welcomed

20 March 2020

ACTCOSS has welcomed key elements of the ACT Government’s rescue and stimulus package announced today in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Media release: Report shows ACT community services already struggling before COVID-19 crisis

20 March 2020

Government support for the NFP community service sector in the ACT is failing to keep up with demand for services, foster collaboration and allow for advocacy. This is a key finding from the Australian Community Sector Survey.