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One of the ways ACTCOSS raises awareness in the community about social justice issues is through the media. Below you will find our media releases and key appearances.

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Joint media release: Investment in mental health services welcomed by community sector

3 February 2021

The Mental Health Community Coalition ACT and the ACT Council of Social Service have welcomed today’s announcement of $15.8 million to extend funding introduced during COVID-19 for mental health programs across Canberra.

Media release: ACTCOSS welcomes extra funding for homelessness services

29 January 2021

ACTCOSS has welcomed today’s announcement by the ACT Government of an additional $2.6 million for the ACT’s homelessness sector.

Joint media release: Productivity Commission report reveals high rates of incarceration for Indigenous children in the ACT

20 January 2021

ACTCOSS and Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services today expressed their deep concern over the high rates of incarceration of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the ACT detailed in a report just released.

Media release: ACTCOSS calls for low-income and vulnerable Canberrans to be considered in light rail decision

13 January 2021

ACTCOSS yesterday made a submission to the Light Rail: City to Woden consultation calling on the ACT Government to build a flexible and responsive transport system that addresses the needs of Canberrans who face disadvantage or vulnerability.

Media release: Minister must respond to report of housing delay

7 January 2021

ACTCOSS today expressed deep concern that a large number of newly built ACT Housing properties were left sitting empty for well over a year as bureaucrats wrangled over revenue models.

Media release: Canberra’s job seekers face dismal new year

4 January 2021

Around 28,000 Canberrans are facing a bleak new year following the Federal Government’s cruel cut to the Coronavirus Supplement effective from 1 January.

Media release: ACTCOSS summer journal: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples: Stories of good practice in the community sector

17 December 2020

ACTCOSS today released its regular journal, Update, focused on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples: Stories of good practice in the community sector.

Media release: Federal Government’s cruel cuts mean an unhappy New Year for over 28,000 Canberrans

14 December 2020

ACTCOSS today condemned this latest cut to the Coronavirus Supplement which will push thousands of Canberrans deeper into poverty, leaving them with no certainty about the future of payment after the end of March.

Media release: This Human Rights Day ACTCOSS calls on the ACT Government to legislate all economic, social and cultural rights

10 December 2020

ACTCOSS today marked International Human Rights Day by calling on the ACT Government to enact all economic, social and cultural rights into legislation and fully realise the goal of the ACT as a human rights jurisdiction.

Media release: Court Transport Unit review highlights failings in staff training and care of children and young people

8 December 2020

ACTCOSS today expressed concern over an ACT Inspector of Correctional Services’ report on the ACT Court Transport Unit (CTU) that highlighted a lack of training for CTU officers, unfit vehicles and risks to children and young people.