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Media release: Unaffordable housing and homelessness dim the lights in the festive season

27 November 2015

As Canberra families gather to watch our city attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records title for the world’s most lights on an artificial Christmas tree tonight, community organisations around Canberra have joined together to publish fact sheets that highlight the other side of Canberra during the festive season – people less able to enjoy...

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2014-15 now available

18 November 2015

The ACTCOSS Annual Report and Financial Report for 2014-15 are now available for download. 

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2014-15

Media release: Community sector calls on Chief Minister to commit to clear bottom lines in tax reform debate

5 November 2015

Following the release today of new NATSEM modelling outlining the impacts of potential GST changes on low-income and disadvantaged households, the ACT Council of Social Service calls on Chief Minister Barr to reject any tax deal or increase in GST unless there's a broad tax reform package; unfair income tax issues are addressed; changes are...

ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2016-17 released

28 October 2015

ACTCOSS has published our submission to the ACT Budget for 2016-17. ACTCOSS argues that improving social inclusion and equality should be the core agenda guiding ACT Government spending decisions. Housing, education and transport are identified as areas of high community need in the ACT. The submission provides extensive evidence to support 50...

Media release: Push for housing as key ACT Election issue: voters invited to "Make My Vote for Housing"

17 October 2015

One year out from the coming ACT Election, Canberra’s 270,000 voters are today being urged to make housing and homelessness key issues in deciding the poll.

COSS media release: Councils of Social Service call for development of national plan to tackle poverty and inequality in Australia

12 October 2015

At the start of Anti-Poverty Week, ACOSS and all eight State and Territory Councils of Social Service, are calling for the development of a national plan to tackle growing poverty and inequality in Australia, including setting targets to ensure the incomes of the lowest income earners increase at least at the pace of those in the middle.

COSS media release: National Councils of Social Service urge Senate to vote down 4 week wait period for income support

11 August 2015

Joint COSS media release.

Meeting in Darwin today, the nation’s peak community sector bodies issued a joint call for the Australian Senate to vote down the harsh Federal Government proposal to withhold income support from young people and some single parents.

COSS media release: Government leaders urged to find long term solutions to fund vital public services

21 July 2015

Councils of Social Service (COSS) across Australia today called on the Council of Australian Governments to work together on long term solutions to fund important universal and social services such as health, education, housing and community services into the future.

Educational inequity in the ACT: Issues paper released

15 July 2015

The Youth Coalition of the ACT in partnership with ACTCOSS has released a paper highlighting the importance of education and the issues and challenges of educational inequity in the ACT.

Media release: Budget has right focus but investment is modest

2 June 2015

The ACT Council of Social Service says the ACT Budget for 2015/2016 recognises the need for social inclusion and equality to be at the centre of decision making and planning for the ACT community. However, the investments announced in this Budget do not fully address the gaps we know exist in our economy, our infrastructure and service systems...