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[FULL, waitlist only] Strategic Indigenous Awareness with Grant Sarra – 20 August 2020 – To understand our present we must understand our past

20 August 2020

The program provides participants with an opportunity to walk briefly in the shoes of Aboriginal Australians. It provides a generic overview of Aboriginal culture and history and aims to develop a greater appreciation understanding of modern-day cross cultural problems, issues and challenges that impact upon individuals working in organisations/companies across Australia.

[FULL, waitlist only] Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Education Program - 3 and 4 Sep 2019

3 September 2020

[FULL, waitlist only] Julie Moore has developed this training to assist workers to attain a practical and measureable difference in the lives of Aboriginal people, and assist government and corporate organisations to better engage with Aboriginal people and communities.

[POSTPONED from 1 May] Cultural Awareness on Country Tour with Richie Allan - 16 October 2020

16 October 2020

Ngunnawal Lore Keeper, Richie Allan, will provide a Cultural Awareness on Country Tour to give participants some hands-on experience while providing valuable local understanding and appreciation of the Ngunnawal land on which we all live and work on.