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Community Sector

ACTCOSS advocates for improving the capacity, effectiveness and impact of community managed organisations so these organisations can deliver good returns on the human and financial investments made by people, the community and funding bodies.

To achieve these goals, ACTCOSS advocates for changes in:

  • Public policy
  • Administration of funding
  • Investment in sector infrastructure (e.g. workforce, facilities)
  • Service design

Contact for community sector policy:

Industry Plan

A Community Services Industry Plan is being developed to support the ACT community sector through a period of significant structural adjustment.

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Administration & Regulatory Reform

Red Tape Reform: Red Tape Reform has been part of the administrative reform agenda jointly developed by the ACT Government and NGOs funded by the ACT Government. It aims to reduce the regulatory burden on community organisations so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting service users.

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Service Reform

Human Services Blueprint: The ACT community sector has worked with the ACT Government to design and implement a new approach to community, health, justice and education services so they respond better to community expectations and needs – by being person-focused, strengths-based and focused on achieving positive outcomes.

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