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Industry Plan

The ACT Community Services Industry Strategy 2016-2026 has been developed to support the ACT community sector through a period of significant structural adjustment.

KPMG was engaged by the ACT Government Community Services Directorate to develop the industry strategy. A steering group with community sector, government, union and consumer representatives was formed to oversee the strategy's development. ACTCOSS was represented on the steering group and supported community sector engagement in the development of the strategy. A working group of the Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG) will oversee the development and implementation of the first action plan, to give effect to the vision of the strategy. ACTCOSS continues its involvement in the implementation of industry strategy through JCGRG and the working group.

In February 2016 KPMG released a scoping paper to support consultations with community service providers and other stakeholders. KPMG undertook focus groups with industry representatives in March and April 2016, and in May 2016 the Draft Community Services Industry Plan was released. On 25 May 2016 the Minister for Community Services, Ms Yvette Berry MLA, hosted a Community Services Industry Plan Workshop for community sector leaders to contribute their ideas on the draft plan and to start the conversation about what the next steps will be. Feedback received at the workshop and from additional interviews with industry CEOs conducted by KPMG informed the final version of the industry strategy which was released on 6 September 2016.

ACTCOSS has also released a number of briefing papers which you can find below.

ACT State of the Community Sector Survey 2016

ACTCOSS commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) at the University of New South Wales to undertake an ACT State of the Community Sector Survey with Volunteering and Contact ACT as project partners. This survey aimed to address the need to better understand the state of the sector as part of the Industry Plan process. Read the survey report released in December 2016.

Scoping & Briefing Papers

ACT Community Services Industry Strategy 2016-2026 (pdf) (425 KB), (docx) (1 MB)

Draft: ACT Community Services Industry Plan - May 2016 (pdf)  (1.14 MB)

Speech: ACTCOSS Vision for Industry Plan - May 2016

KPMG Scoping Paper: Development of a Community Services Industry Plan in the ACT (pdf) (883.79 KB), (docx) (47.63 KB)

Industry Plan Briefing 1: Supporting Sector Engagement (pdf) (254.82 KB), (docx) (112.68 KB)

Industry Plan Briefing 2: Sustaining Community Sector Value in a Vital Community Services Industry (pdf) (241.8 KB),  (docx) (113.85 KB)

Industry Plan Briefing 3: Expanding Sector Engagement (pdf) (594.51 KB), (docx) (506.4 KB)

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