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Community sector advice to, and engagement with, government happens formally through the Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG). The JCGRG is a consultative forum focused on enhancing an open and transparent relationship between the ACT Government and community sector to progress social issues impacting the Canberra community. Read the JCGRG communiques from meetings, current JCGRG membership (pdf) and JCGRG Terms of Reference (pdf). ACTCOSS also advocates directly to government on behalf of members.

The ACT Community Services Industry Strategy 2016-2026 (pdf) was developed to support the ACT community sector through a period of significant structural adjustment. Implementation of the strategy is overseen by the Industry Strategy Steering Group (ISSG). Read the ISSG communiques, current ISSG membership (pdf) and ISSG Terms of Reference (pdf).

The Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis provides rich evidence for current work to strengthen the sector’s capacity to effectively meet emerging community needs. Additional frameworks and tools provide resources for community sector organisations to use for staff engagement, supervision, and performance management.

Read Industry Strategy Scoping, Briefing Papers and Reports here.

ACT Community Service Costing Project 2021

The current focus of the ISSG has been on research to identify cost pressures and changing demand to find the true cost of community services in the ACT. Read the report, Counting the Costs: Sustainable funding for the ACT community services sector.

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