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Submission: Australian Infrastructure Audit - Joint COSS Response

Publication date: 
August 2015

The Australian Council of Social Service and the state and territory network of Councils of Social Service made a joint submission to the Australian Infrastructure Audit.

The Councils of Social Service advocate for an approach to Australia’s investment in infrastructure that includes:

  • A strategic vision that includes social as well as economic objectives
  • A focus on social and community infrastructure (social housing, public transport, health facilities, educational infrastructure, community facilities) as well as economic infrastructure
  • A networked approach to infrastructure investment to maximise synergies between social and economic infrastructure investment
  • Consultation, cost-benefit analyses, and social return on investment evaluations to determine community needs as well as sustainability
  • New equitable funding models rather than reliance on regressive user-pays models
  • Sustainable procurement that benefits disadvantaged communities
  • Partnering with the community sector to identify social and community needs, manage social infrastructure such as social housing, and access innovative sources of financing such as social impact bonds.