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2016 ACT Election Statement - Education

Publication date: 
September 2016

In their joint 2016 election statement on education, ACTCOSS and the Youth Coalition of the ACT ask for matched investment in community services to better partner with schools and expand their role in supporting educational attainment of disadvantaged students.

While on average ACT students perform highly in the schooling system, these averages conceal numbers of highly disadvantaged students. Further complicating matters is the diversity within Canberra’s suburbs, with disadvantage being spread out rather than concentrated in a few areas or schools.

ACTCOSS and the Youth Coalition note in their statement that a whole-of-community approach to educational inequity is needed, including involvement from the community services sector who bring important skills, knowledge, supports and relationships with young people and their families.

The election statement forms part of the broader education campaign by ACTCOSS and the Youth Coalition of the ACT.