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ACT 2016-17 Budget Snapshot

Publication date: 
June 2016

This snapshot outlines and briefly analyses the ACT 2016-17 Budget's impacts on people experiencing disadvantage and households on low incomes, and the community sector.

The ACT Council of Social Service supports the overall direction of the ACT Budget for 2016-17. New funding to respond better to the needs of people exposed to domestic and family violence, more funding for mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, emergency and trauma health services, justice programs and well targeted resources to improve education outcomes for students with disabilities and other students not well served by our schools are welcome.

ACTCOSS has a number of ongoing concerns, including lack of attention to increasing the momentum around disability rights, ongoing gaps in legal assistance service funding, lack of conservation funding, indexation of community service funding not matching cost increases, and lack of measures to assist in rental affordability.