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ACTCOSS Response to the 2017-18 ACT Budget

Publication date: 
June 2017

The 2017-18 ACT Budget delivers on many of the election commitments that ACTCOSS saw as priorities for investment early in the term of government. The community rightly expects election promises to be met especially those to renew ageing infrastructure no longer fit for purpose, and deliver growth of service provision to match the growth of the population. The investments in health, education, transport, city and suburban renewal and public housing all are welcomed. We note that even with such significant spending on these items, the community will gain more fit for purpose infrastructure, but is unlikely to see adequate growth in supply needed to match growth in the population.

The overall assessment of the ACT Budget by ACTCOSS is that while it checks off a number of election promises, the investments made do not meet the community’s expectations about the priority that should be given to those who deal with sustained long term cost of living pressures, face difficult circumstances and do not enjoy the benefits of Canberra’s prosperity and liveability.