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Choice and control: Strengthening human rights, power and inclusion for people with disability

Publication date: 
May 2017

ACTCOSS’ paper Choice and Control: Strengthening human rights, power and inclusion for people with disability, argues we need to assess and progress choice and control within a human rights framework, in addition to implementing a marketised framework for disability service provision.

If human rights do not underpin progress for people with disability exercising choice and control over the services and supports they utilise, we will continue to see market failure in service provision. This will add to the many market failures that already impede people with disability’s exercise of choice and control in every domain of their lives.

Broadening choice and control through a human rights framework would facilitate people with disability enjoying full citizenship, with equal rights to exercise choice and control over: their legal rights; economic security and financial affairs; health and wellbeing; supports; where and with whom they live; political and public life; personal mobility; and, communication and expressing themselves.

This paper was launched in conjunction with People With Disabilities ACT's 'choice and control' themed Canberra Disability Review journal (pdf) and accompanying boardgame(jpg) style infographic inviting you to reflect on the reality of systemic barriers and service failures experienced by people with disability every day, mapped against the intent of the UN Convention and other landmark laws, rights and protections instruments.