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Factsheet: Housing affordability and homelessness in the ACT

Publication date: 
June 2018

ACTCOSS has produced a factsheet presenting data on housing affordability and homelessness in the ACT. This is one of a series of ACTCOSS factsheets that will harness data to provide accessible insights into key social policy issues in the ACT.

This factsheet brings together a range of important data and information for the first time to show the true dimensions of housing stress and homelessness in the city of Canberra.

The numbers show that:

  • Out of 1,176 rental properties only 41 were suitable to households living on income support payments and only 84 were suitable for households living on the minimum wage
  • 7,000 households in the ACT are experiencing housing stress
  • On average, applicants for standard public housing in the ACT are waiting 2.7 years for a property
  • More people are rough sleeping in the ACT
  • Housing stress and homelessness are disproportionately impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people experiencing domestic and family violence and people with mental illness.