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Housing Industry Roundtable Communique: Canberra comes together for housing: an agreed way forward

Publication date: 
October 2016

A joint communique from the ACT property industry, business, community, union and professional groups

A broad band of leading Canberra industry, community, union and professional groups decided it was time to go on the front foot to improve housing in this city one week out from the 2016 ACT election. 

Our group was comprised of the people who design, build, manage, live in and advocate for the Canberra community. We came together on Wednesday 5 October 2016 to talk about housing policy and provision in Canberra and set out a shared agenda, outlined in this communique. 

The communique outlines the need for and content of a whole of territory Housing Strategy that includes:

  • Contemporary, fit for purpose planning regulations
  • Updating and targeting the Affordable Housing Action Plan
  • A reporting framework that increases transparency of ACT Government agencies activities.