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Stories of Chance

Publication date: 
October 2018

Stories about the costs of gambling to the Canberra community and the resilience of those who experience harm and come back.

Stories of Chance combines individual and provider stories with information and data to highlight the effects of gambling harm on the lives of people in Canberra. The Canberra Gambling Reform Alliance is asking for mandatory pre-commitment for all poker machine venues, $1 bet limits on all machines, aligning the rules on EFTPOS machines with ATMs, reducing the number of poker machines operating in the ACT by half, and an overhaul of the community contributions scheme.

Five individuals speak about their experiences of gambling harm in Canberra and a Canberra woman also shares experiences of being partnered to person who gambled. A financial counsellor and a worker in a Canberra club also speak about the harm they witnessed, principally from electronic gaming machines (i.e. the pokies). 

In addition to the stories, ACTCOSS has also released a factsheet on gambling harm in the ACT, which outlines the extent, nature and consequences of gambling harm in the ACT as well as providing an overview of our regulatory environment.