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Submission: ACCC inquiry into retail electricity supply and pricing: Issues Paper

Publication date: 
July 2017

The ACT Energy Consumers Policy Consortium (ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS), Care Financial Counselling Service, Conservation Council ACT Region, SEE-Change and the Small Business Taskforce of the Canberra Business Chamber) considers that social, environmental and economic factors are fundamentally important in the formation and implementation of energy policy and that enhancement of equity and inclusion improves outcomes across all sectors.

The Terms of Reference of the Inquiry appear to have an underlying assumption that if there is sufficient competition then the retail market will work effectively. However, outcomes for consumers should be the centre of decision making, rather than competition for competition's sake. Consumers in vulnerable situations are at the most risk as the electricity market becomes more complex and policies should be developed that ensure they are not disadvantaged by increasing complexity and choice.