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Submission: Draft Inspectorate of Custodial Services model for the ACT

Publication date: 
June 2017

ACTCOSS made a submission of feedback to Minister Rattenbury on the draft Inspectorate of Custodial Services model for the ACT. The introduction of this Inspectorate is in line with one of the recommendations made in the Independent Inquiry into the Treatment in Custody of Steven Freeman (the Moss Review). ACTCOSS' feedback stresses the government continue to proactively consult with community organisations, particularly Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations, as it develops, implements, and evaluates the role. Although we are pleased to see the government introducing an Inspectorate of Custodial Services, we note that community organisations in the justice space are concerned that investment in mechanisms such as the Inspectorate should not overshadow investment in programs that address underlying causes.