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Submission: Improved Support, Stronger Communities: Antisocial behaviour response and support in Housing ACT

Publication date: 
December 2011

The ACT Government have proposed the introduction of specialist response workers to 'strengthen the Housing ACT response to antisocial behaviour by assisting tenants to address the underlying causes of their behaviour, and thus help them maintain their tenancy.' 

As linking tenants with community supports is highly recommended, strong partnerships will need to be developed with community support providers. There is good evidence providing an intensive level of support for people can be effective in addressing tenancy issues.

The intention to provide further support to tenants displaying ‘antisocial behaviour’ and to those affected by such behaviour is most welcome. However, some concern has been expressed about the language being used. Discussing ‘antisocial behaviour response’ has been interpreted as quite stigmatising from the outset. Housing ACT is encouraged to find strength based language to apply to these specialist response workers and for the work they do.