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Submission: Secure Local Jobs Package

Publication date: 
March 2018

ACTCOSS supports measures that improve security of employment, especially for people in low wage industries or roles.

The ACT Government has committed to develop policy, design services and implement funded programs in partnership with community organisations, which is different from the purchaser-provider relationship it has with other providers of goods and services commissioned by the ACT Government.

Implementation of the Secure Local Jobs Package in community service contracts should comply with the commitments made in the partnership approach outlined in the policies and agreements governing the relationships between the ACT Government and community organisations in the ACT, including the 2001 Social Compact, the 2004 Community Sector Funding Policy, the renewal of the Social Compact in 2012, the revision of the standard Service Funding Agreements in 2016 and the ACT Community Services Industry Strategy 2016-2026.