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Submission: Towards a New Housing Strategy - ACT Community Conversation

Publication date: 
September 2017

ACTCOSS and ACT Shelter have made a joint submission in response to the ACT Government's discussion paper Towards a New Housing Strategy. We have welcomed the discussion paper, and the government starting to work on inequality caused by Canberra's housing affordability. The recommendations we made include:

  • That the strategy include annual reporting, funding for housing advocacy and action to create affordable and accessible supply (including a $100 million investment from current government bonds to create an investment fund for community housing), and action on universal design and energy efficiency in rental housing as promised by the government in its Parliamentary Agreement.
  • The government must significantly invest in public housing, and support informed choice for tenants regarding moving from one residence to another. We also need a commitment to grow public and community social housing, and adequately funded services to support homeless Canberrans.

We thank the ACT housing and homelessness community sector for their housing advocacy over the past four years. As a sector we have advocated hard at the Territory and Commonwealth levels on affordable housing and the need to address the growing issue of homelessness in the ACT. The government's work on this Housing Strategy shows our work has had an impact. Now that the issue is on the table, we will continue to advocate on housing and homelessness issues, and we look forward to continuing to work with the sector to keep the momentum going.