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You, Me, Everybody: Understanding social inclusion in the ACT and Australia

Publication date: 
June 2012

The terms social inclusion and social exclusion are relatively new to the public policy discourse in Australia. While the concepts are hard to define, they can bring a deeper level of understanding of the causes of disadvantage as more than poverty, and thus guide government policies in addressing these other factors.

You, Me, Everybody – Understanding Social Inclusion in the ACT and Australia seeks to provide a broader understanding of the concepts of social inclusion and social exclusion, and to demonstrate the usefulness of such terms. It examines outcomes of utilising the terms in public discourse, including taking a closer look at the establishment of the Australian Social Inclusion Board and a Social Inclusion Unit in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in 2008, and what work has been done in the ACT. This publication also seeks to explore what steps are necessary in the creation of any social inclusion agenda.