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Educational inequity in the ACT

Publication date: 
July 2015

The Youth Coalition of the ACT in partnership with ACTCOSS has released a paper highlighting the importance of education and the issues and challenges of educational inequity in the ACT. Most young Canberrans will have a positive experience at school, but our high average attainment works to hide the fact that there are students falling behind, not achieving and disengaging from school in the ACT.

Over the next year, the Youth Coalition, in partnership with ACTCOSS, will be working with ACT community sector organisations to develop a common understanding of what is needed to address educational inequity and support the students that are not succeeding in our school system. This paper is designed to stimulate discussion and provide background for an initial conversation about what is working well in our education system, where improvements can be made and the role of the community sector in supporting and working with young people, their families, and schools, to ensure that all young people can succeed in education.