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Update, Issue 91, Autumn 2020: Wellbeing in the ACT

Publication date: 
May 2020

Issue 91 of the ACTCOSS journal explores how we can support the wellbeing of everyone in our diverse Canberra community. It also examines the concept of a ‘wellbeing economy’ that secures the economic wellbeing of people while protecting resources and the environment.

Contents include:

  • Editorial - By Dr Emma Campbell, CEO, ACTCOSS
  • A wellbeing economy - By Dr Katherine Trebeck, Wellbeing Economy Alliance
  • Migrants, wellbeing and connectedness in the ACT: more than ‘benign indifference’ - By Karen Hall
  • Seen and heard: embedding children’s perspectives on wellbeing into community development in the ACT - By Amalia Fawcett, Wellbeing Hub Manager, Community Services #1
  • Wellbeing in the LGBTIQ+ community of South Canberra - By Megan Watts, Secretary, Diversity ACT Community Services
  • Safe homes create secure futures - By Andrew Rowe, CEO, Havelock Housing Association
  • Wellbeing in the ACT – a challenge for many affected by crime - By Victim Support ACT, ACT Human Rights Commission
  • Carer health and wellbeing - By Carol Archard, Manager of Policy and Advocacy, Carers ACT
  • An opportunity not to be missed: Wellbeing for families and the organisations supporting them - By Dr Yvonne Luxford, CEO, Perinatal Wellbeing Centre
  • Supported health professionals guide Canberrans through a complex health system - By Melissa Morthorpe, HealthPathways Program Support Officer, Capital Health Network
  • Anti-Poverty Week 2019 wrap-up - By Mark Duggan, Co-Chair APW 2020 & Regional Manager, Red Cross ACT/SE NSW.