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Submission: Regulating for the prevention of new fossil fuel gas network connections

ACTCOSS provided a submission to the ACT Government's consultation on their proposed regulation to prevent new fossil fuel gas network connections.

Factsheet: ACT Community Sector Snapshot

This factsheet provides a snapshot of key findings for the ACT from the Australian Community Sector Survey (ACSS) 2022 and the report At the Precipice: Australia’s Community Sector through the Cost-of-living Crisis. The survey and report explore financial and workforce challenges confronting community sector organisations, and what is needed to build capacity and sustainability.

Submission: ACTCOSS ACT Budget Priorities 2023-24

In this ACTCOSS submission we call for the 2023-24 ACT Budget to work towards a fair Canberra by: urgently addressing the housing crisis, adequately funding and valuing the work of community sector organisations, addressing the increasing disadvantage caused by rising costs of living, and supporting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples' Self-Determination.

Submission: Inquiry into Penalties for Minor Offences and Vulnerable People

ACTCOSS made a submission to the ACT Government’s Inquiry into penalties for minor offences and vulnerable people, focusing on a justice reinvestment approach that prioritises community safety and wellbeing.

Submission: Voluntary Assisted Dying in the ACT

ACTCOSS made a submission to the consultation on the proposal to legislate a Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) model in the ACT.

Submission: Inquiry into the extent and nature of poverty in Australia

ACTCOSS made a submission to the Senate's Inquiry into the extent and nature of poverty in Australia supporting ACOSS’ submission as well as the Raise the Rate campaign calling on the Government to permanently and adequately raise the rate of in

Report: A Just Gas Transition in the ACT

Fossil-fuel gas use currently accounts for approximately 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT.

Summary report: Reforming electricity concessions to better meet need

A report released by social service organisations found that while around three million households receive some form of ongoing financial assistance for their energy bills, the poor design and implementation of the assistance means too many people

ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2023-2025

The ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2023-2025 outlines our vision, purpose, objectives and other guiding principles for 2023-2025. It helps us decide what we focus on and how we work.

Evoenergy Draft Electricity Network Plan 2024-29

ACTCOSS has made a submission to Evoenergy's Draft Electricity Network Plan 2024-29. The primary focus of the submission was to represent the interests of low-income and other at-risk energy consumers in the ACT.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2021-22

This ACTCOSS annual report highlights our achievements for 2021-22, including major policy advocacy and capability activities. A scan of the financial statements is also available below.

ACTCOSS Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-24

This is ACTCOSS' third Reconciliation Action Plan and its second Innovate Plan, and these documents set out specific actions ACTCOSS is committed to achieving during 2022-24 to contribute to this vision of a reconciled Australia.

Submission: Inquiry into the Waste Management of Absorbent Hygiene Products

ACTCOSS made a submission to to the Inquiry into the Waste Management of Absorbent Hygiene Products in the ACT focusing on sensitivity to the needs of people with disabilities, carers, parents, and caregivers.