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Shattered Myths: 20 years of ACT Council of Social Service work on poverty

Shattered Myths is a retrospective of twenty years of work on poverty, tracing ACTCOSS’s continued efforts to shatter myths about prosperity being available to everyone in Canberra.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2018-19

This ACTCOSS annual report highlights our achievements for 2018-19, including major policy advocacy and capability activities.

Creating Opportunity or Entrenching Disadvantage? 5 Years on: ACT Labour Market Data Update

In this report, WCHM and ACTCOSS have revisited the latest data to determine what changes have occurred in the labour market and how women have fared though the changes compared to men.

ACTCOSS Constitution

The Constitution provides the legal framework and processes that govern ACTCOSS as an incorporated entity under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991.

Update, Issue 89, Spring 2019: Growth of services needed in a fast-growing city

Issue 89 of the ACTCOSS journal illuminates some of the work being done by ACT community organisations to grow the reach and relevance of services needed as our population grows and changes.

Imagining Better - Reflections on access, choice and control in ACT health services for people with disability

The report shows that people with disability self-report poor health outcomes arising from personal and structural issues. It concludes that tangible, specific initiatives with adequate investments are needed to improve access to health services, while a package of work and measures is needed to ensure more supports and cohesion at the NDIS and health interface, including ensuring disability supports continue whilst people access health services. 

Factsheet: Poverty and inequality in the ACT

This factsheet brings together a range of important data and information on poverty and inequality in the ACT.

Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis

The Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis seeks to describe the current ACT community services industry workforce, project growth, diversity, skill and knowledge needs into the future, to best meet the needs of the ACT community. The project’s overall goal was to assist the industry to ensure that future workforce development effectively meets emerging community needs. 

Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis - Attachment A - Appendix 1, 2, 3

In this Attachment A - Appendix 1, 2, and 3, a more comprehensive assessment of the needs of three target groups is presented.

Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis - Attachment B

In this Attachment B - a report on the current (April 2019) characteristics of the ACT Community Services Industry workforce is presented.  

Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis - Attachment C

In this Attachment C, a report on the projected future workforce needs of the ACT Community Services Industry is provided.  

Workforce Data and Community Needs Analysis - Attachment D

In this Attachment D, it sets out a proposal for a future research tool for the ACT Community Services Industry snapshot.

Emerging Leaders’ Framework - May 2019

The Emerging Leaders’ Framework is better practice guide to identifying and developing emerging leaders within the ACT Community Services Industry.

Factsheet: Energy hardship in the ACT

This factsheet provides an overview of ACT data on energy hardship in low income households, energy debt and hardship programs and electricity disconnections. This is one of a series of ACTCOSS factsheets that harnesses data to provide accessible insights into key social policy issues in the ACT.

Submission: Your Digital Territory: ACT Government Digital Strategy 2020-2022

In this submission, ACTCOSS supports the ACT Government's engagement with the community in the development of its Digital Strategy for 2020-2022.

Update, Issue 88, Winter 2019: Cultural competency: Working together with Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander peoples & communities

Issue 88 of the ACTCOSS journal includes a rich mix of articles that we hope will provide new perspectives and strengthen mutual understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures in your workplace.

Resource: Legislative Compliance Checklist

This legislative compliance checklist was developed by ACTCOSS for internal governance purposes only. It has been shared as a resource for other organisations to adapt for their own purposes.

Submission: 2019-20 ACT Budget Estimates

This submission contains the questions ACTCOSS would like the Select Committee on Estimates for 2019-20 to ask officials who appear before the hearings.

2019-20 ACT Budget Snapshot

This snapshot outlines and briefly analyses the 2019-20 ACT Budget's initiatives relating to the community sector, social justice and people experiencing disadvantage.

Report: Food security, food assistance and the affordability of healthy food in Canberra

This report explores food security, food assistance and the affordability of healthy food in the ACT.