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Community Shared Statement for the ACT 2016 Election

This shared statement outlines the community priorities for action during the 2016-2020 term of the ACT Government, and has been endorsed by 19 organisations representative of the diverse ACT community.

Submission: Industry Participation Policy (IPP)

This letter provides advice on the community services industry in the ACT and recommends improvements to the Industry Participation Policy (IPP) to ensure community sector organisations benefit from the IPP.

Health & wellbeing in the workplace

Read about health and wellbeing in the community sector -- related research, tools for employees and employers, and what employers can do to improve.

Update, Issue 76, Winter 2016: Working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples & communities

The Winter 2016 journal explores working with Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander peoples & communities. 

Submission: Review of the National Disability Advocacy Program

ACTCOSS supports the submission of Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA), the national peak body for independent advocacy and the ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS).

ACT 2016-17 Budget Snapshot

This snapshot outlines and briefly analyses the ACT 2016-17 Budget's impacts on people experiencing disadvantage and households on low incomes, and the community sector.

ACTCOSS Speech to Community Services Industry Plan Forum May 2016

ACTCOSS believes that community services need to be treated as a valued industry that provides services considered essential by both funders and the community. We need a shared understanding of the contribution of community services to social cohesion and economic prosperity, what compromises these contributions and what infrastructure is needed to strengthen these contributions over the longer term. 

Our view is that an industry plan for community services is the best tool for building this shared understanding.

Letter: Taxi Industry Innovation Reform Implementation - Response to Stakeholder Forum, April 2016

The latest ACTCOSS response to the TAXI Industry Innovation Reforms.

Submission: Draft NDIS Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Commissioning Framework

The purpose of the National Disability Insurance Agency’s Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Commissioning Framework is to translate the ILC Policy Framework into action. The Framework outlines how the Agency will fund and manage ILC activities in the future.

ILC has a vital role in delivering on the commitments made in the National Disability Strategy (NDS) agreed by COAG in 2010, particularly of its vision for “An inclusive Australian society that enables people with disability to fulfil their potential as equal citizens”. The outcomes specified in the NDS should underpin decisions about the role, resourcing and evaluation of the ILC component of the NDIS.

Stories of Home

Twelve Canberra individuals and families have spoken out about their experience of housing stress and homelessness in a new publication which combines true stories and voter voices with electorate by electorate data to present a fresh and alarming picture of Canberra’s housing crisis.

ACT Cost of Living Report: Transport, 2016

The 2016 ACTCOSS ACT Cost of Living Report tracks changes in the cost of living with a specific focus on transport costs.

Update, Issue 75, Autumn 2016: What we want the Canberra community to be by 2020

The Autumn 2016 journal explores what we want the Canberra community to be by 2020. 

Housing & Homelessness Policy Consortia Reports - Projects 2 & 3

The Housing and Homelessness Policy Consortium has released reports from Projects 2 and 3, analysing and examining data on housing affordability and the labour market, housing stress, and future housing demand in the ACT.

Submission: Discussion Paper - Options to Improve the Fairness and Targeting of the ACT Concessions Program

In this submission, ACTCOSS notes its support of fairer targeting of concessions to need, regardless of age or source of income. However, it also notes its concern with a lack of consistency in the ACT Government’s goals of ‘improving the fairness and targeting of the ACT Concessions Program’ and the options outlined in the Paper.

Building Strategic Relationships - A Toolkit for the Social Sector

This kit contains tools and methods designed to help social sector organisations identify and form strategic relationships with community or commercial partners.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Resource for Community Sector Workers (ACT & Region)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Resource for Community Sector Workers provides basic information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and can be used as a guide to start further research and conversation.

ACT HACC-YP Services Mapping and Capacity Report

This project aimed to map the existing ACT Home and Community Care – Younger People Service System and assess capacity and unmet need. This research report provides credible evidence that the system has not only had very limited capacity to accept new clients, but that some services are currently providing many more outputs than what funding covers.

Policy brief: Taxi Industry Innovation Review Follow-up Commentary and Questions

This policy brief sets out ACTCOSS’ understanding of, and involvement in, the TAXI industry reform process to date. It also raises existing questions and concerns held by ACTCOSS and its members in relation to the government’s proposed reforms.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2014-15

This ACTCOSS annual report is a record of our achievements for 2014-15, including major policy advocacy, sector development and organisation development activities.