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Educational inequity in the ACT

The Youth Coalition of the ACT in partnership with ACTCOSS has released a paper highlighting the importance of education and the issues and challenges of educational inequity in the ACT. Most young Canberrans will have a positive experience at school, but our high average attainment works to hide the fact that there are students falling behind, not achieving and disengaging from school in the ACT.

Submission: Taxi industry innovation review

ACTCOSS has three key requirements of any new development in transport: that it be accessible, affordable and fit for purpose.

ACTCOSS Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-18

This is ACTCOSS' second Reconciliation Action Plan and sets out specific actions ACTCOSS is committed to achieving during 2015-18 to contribute to this vision of a reconciled Australia.

Update, Issue 72, Winter 2015: Respectful Relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the ACT

The Winter 2015 journal explores respectful relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in the ACT.

Independence in the not-for-profit sector

This report sets out the findings of a research project investigating the meaning of independence in the community not-for-profit (NFP) sector.

ACT 2015-16 Budget Snapshot

Summary Paper outlining selected Budget initiatives.

Submission: Introduction of a community based sentencing option in the ACT Justice Reform Strategy stage one

In this submission to the ACT Justice Reform Strategy, the ACT community sector's Justice Reform Group strongly supports the introduction of non-custodial sentences in the ACT, as it provides an opportunity for more diverse and tailored approaches to sentencing.

ACTCOSS Feedback on Draft ACT Government Service Funding Agreement for Human Services

ACTCOSS has provided feedback on the ACT Government's draft Service Funding Agreement template for human services.

Submission: Impact on service quality, efficiency and sustainability of recent Commonwealth community service tendering processes by the Department of Social Services

In this submission, ACTCOSS raises concerns about the recent DSS tender process highlighting the inappropriate approach to the market; the damaging effects of the overall decrease in funding that has occurred; the lack of transition planning in the original staging of contract offers; and the limited timeframes to negotiate the terms of contracts for organisations that were advised they were preferred providers but received less money than they tendered for.

Submission: Response to Proposal for NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework

This submission to the Australian Government Department of Social Services, is ACTCOSS' response to the draft Proposal for a National Disability Insurance Scheme' Quality and Safeguarding Framework.

Submission: Review of ACT Concessions Scheme

ACTCOSS' submission states that the government's review of the concession system, while a useful opportunity to find ways to clarify and simplify eligibility requirements, must not be seen as a simple or risk free way of finding savings.

ACT Cost of Living Report, 2015

In this report ACTCOSS tracks changes in the cost of living, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged households in the Australian Capital Territory.

Analysis of Changes in the Cost of Housing in the ACT

ACTCOSS has released a report tracking the cost of housing, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged households in the Australian Capital Territory.

Submission: Charitable Tax Concessions – Proposed Legislative Amendments

In this submission, ACTCOSS provides a brief commentary on some of the issues the ACT Government should take into account as it develops both the policy intent and operational framework for more clearly defining eligibility for tax exemptions administered by the ACT Government.

Submission: Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Policy Framework

This submission represents the views of non-government and community members of the ACT HACC/Disability Services Network on the National Disability Insurance Scheme' draft Information Linkages and Capacity Building Framework.

Update, Issue 71, Autumn 2015: Building Community Connectedness

The Autumn 2015 journal explores community engagement. 

Submission: Draft determination review for ActewAGL electricity prices 2014-19

SEE-Change and ACTCOSS have provided a joint submission to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) on the draft determination review for ActewAGL electricity prices 2014-19.

Update, Issue 70, Summer 2014-15: Continuity and Change in the ACT Community Sector

The Summer 2014-15 journal explores continuity and change in the ACT community sector. 

Submission: Review of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme

The Conservation Council ACT Region and ACTCOSS have provided a joint comment on the Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Act 2012.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2013-14

This ACTCOSS annual report is a record of our achievements for 2013-14, including major policy advocacy, sector development and organisation development activities.