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Submission: ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2015-16

The ACTCOSS submission to the ACT Budget 2015-16 includes key asks around affordable housing and homelessness that community sector organisations have come together to promote. We collectively believe ongoing investment will underpin and facilitate genuinely better and more sustainable outcomes for disadvantaged Canberrans in the areas government has identified as priorities for action in its Budget Strategy.

Creating Opportunity or Entrenching Disadvantage? Report for ACT Anti-Poverty Week

This report examines labour market trends in Canberra.

ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2015-16

ACTCOSS' submission to the ACT Budget 2015-16.

Update, Issue 69, Spring 2014: Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment

The Spring 2014 journal explores employment, unemployment and underemployment in the ACT. 

Designing Social Change - Beyond Talk, Taking Action: Conference Summary 2014

Summary report for ACTCOSS' biennial conference in 2014: Designing Social Change - Beyond Talk, Taking Action.

Gulanga Activity Book

The Gulanga Program developed the Activity Book to assist organisations in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. We hope the activities will assist you to connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultures.

Submission: Review of ACT Auditor General’s Report No. 4 of 2013: National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness

ACTCOSS' comment to the Standing Committee on the Public Accounts Inquiry into the Auditor General’s Report No.4 of 2013: National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).

Options for Our Community: Housing, Accommodation, Respite and Support in the ACT

This is a practical guide for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers in the community sector. It aims to raise awareness of services and to facilitate the engagement of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and their families to access services that will best meet their needs.

ACT 2014-15 Budget Snapshot

Summary paper outlining selected Budget initiatives.

Update, Issue 68, Winter 2014: Criminal Justice Matters

The Winter 2014 journal explores criminal justice matters in the ACT. 

Submission: ICRC Price Determination Draft Report

ACTCOSS' letter on the proposed increase in electricity pricing set out in the ICRC's Price Determination Draft Report.

Submission: Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing

ACTCOSS submission to the Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing, highlighting the critical issues affecting people securing stable, affordable housing in the ACT. 

Update, Issue 67, Autumn 2014: Women in the ACT

The Autumn 2014 journal explores women in the ACT.

CASAT - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Toolkit

The CASAT is a set of good practice standards developed to assist community service organisations improve the quality of their services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and communities and to strengthen the organisation’s knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Exploring the Feasibility of a Citizen Advocacy Program in the ACT Community: A Scoping Research Study

This report has found that a Citizen Advocacy program would make a significant contribution to increasing the range and capacity of disability advocacy programs available in the ACT to support people with disabilities. We also found that it is feasible to set up a Citizen Advocacy program in the ACT.

Update, Issue 66, Summer 2013-14: Co-Design

The Summer 2013-14 journal explores co-design in the community sector.

ACTCOSS Jubilee Poem

This is a poem by Canberra writer Hal Judge for ACTCOSS' 50th birthday in 2013.

ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2014-2018

The ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2014-2018 outlines our vision, roles and values. It also contains our goals and strategic priorities, and the key measures of success.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2012-13

This ACTCOSS annual report is a record of our achievements for 2012-13, including major policy advocacy, sector development and organisation development activities.

Submission: Inquiry into Sentencing in the ACT

In this submission, ACTCOSS’ main interest is that judicial officers in the ACT have the right range of sentencing options available so that the social determinants of crime are addressed, offenders are given the opportunity to rehabilitate, and the risks of reoffending are reduced whilst community safety is maximised.