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Vision 2012: ACTCOSS Election Statement, ACT Legislative Assembly Election 2012

ACTCOSS is calling on candidates for the ACT election to show vision in key areas of poverty, homelessness, corrections, health, transport, climate change, and community sector reform.

Care Planning in ACT HACC funded organisations

This report outlines the Community Care Common Standards (CCCS) assessment results of September and October 2011, and shows the presentations given at the related seminar held on 25 June 2012.

Submission: Homelessness Bill 2012

The recognition of people who are, or are at risk of experiencing homelessness is a welcome step toward addressing the underlying causes of homelessness and alleviating the pressure of an inadequate housing and rental market.

Submission: Community gardens in the ACT: Draft site selection criteria for future locations discussion paper

ACTCOSS supports many of the community garden draft site selection criteria as set out in the discussion paper; this comment seeks to focus on those pertaining to social inclusion and broader community wellbeing.

Perpetual Calendar for Reconciliation and Health

This calendar aims to support community organisations to celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and peoples and their ongoing contribution to this nation.

Community Transport Project

This paper draws together information about the main HACC transport providers in the ACT; examines areas where there are gaps in the provision of such services; and provides a list of questions to take discussions forward.

You, Me, Everybody: Understanding social inclusion in the ACT and Australia

This report seeks to provide a broader understanding of the concepts of social inclusion and social exclusion, and to demonstrate the usefulness of such terms.

Submission: The National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy

ACTCOSS welcomes the addition of a National Anti-Racism Strategy for Australia and includes in this comment ways in which to address and counter racism in our community.

Submission: Draft Statement of Requirements for the Development, Implementation and Management of a Pilot Homeshare Program in the ACT

In this submission, ACTCOSS expresses concern that a high level of planning is yet to occur with regard to working out important legal, ethical and logistic details for the Homeshare program.

Submission: Everyone, Everyday Discussion Paper: A curriculum resource to raise awareness about disability for ACT schools

This paper highlights the importance of training for teachers, consultation with people with disabilities, culturally appropriate awareness and the need to define disability in a human rights framework when developing the 'Everyone, Everyday' resource.

Submission: The Blueprint for Youth Justice in the ACT

In this submission, ACTCOSS recommends a Justice Reinvestment model, adequate resourcing for service providers, and ongoing engagement with young people on the Blueprint's implementation.

Submission: The Draft ACT Planning Strategy

In this submission, ACTCOSS recommends the ACT Government keep in mind at all times during the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Strategy, the social determinants of health and the needs of people experiencing disadvantage.

Submission: Weathering the Change - Draft Action Plan 2

This paper comments on the Draft Action Plan's outcomes and their relevant strategies and actions which ACTCOSS believes bear most directly upon people living with low incomes or disadvantage, and for not-for-profit community organisations in the ACT.

Submission: Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Laws

In this submission, ACTCOSS supports the consolidation of the four Federal anti-discrimination Acts and believes it is a good opportunity for any inconsistencies within the anti-discrimination legislation to be addressed. 

Submission: Joint COSS response to the Treasury ACNC exposure draft and Governance Arrangements Consultation Paper

This joint COSS submission is in response to the exposure legislation on the establishment of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and the consultation paper on Governance Arrangements in the sector, both released by the Treasury in 2011.

Submission: Inquiry into the Provision of Social Housing

In this submission, ACTCOSS addresses issues of concern around the provision of social housing in the ACT, calling for reviews into internal procedures and an increase in social housing stock with access to amenities. 

Submission: Improved Support, Stronger Communities: Antisocial behaviour response and support in Housing ACT

In this submission, ACTCOSS welcomes the increased capacity of Housing ACT to link tenants with community supports, but proposes that Housing ACT applies strength based language to its specialist response workers and the work they do.