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Submission: ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2014-15

In this submission, ACTCOSS argues that the Budget 2014-15 Strategy needs to demonstrate that it invests resources in a way that gets the right services to the right people at the right time, at the right intensity and duration, to change people’s circumstances and trajectory. 

Disadvantage in the ACT: Report for ACT Anti-Poverty Week

This report shows that when looking at averages, life in Canberra is good. However, there are areas and people in Canberra who are disadvantaged.

Factsheet: Reducing energy and water costs in rental properties

ACTCOSS and the ACT Government Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate have developed the this factsheet explaining how landlords and property managers can improve the energy efficiency of rental properties.

Submission: Out of Home Care Strategy Issues Paper

In this comment ACTCOSS expresses concerns with the narrow perspective of the paper and suggests a number of areas on which the government should focus.

Beyond the Sound Bite: Report to the Community from the ACTCOSS 2013 Federal Election Candidates Forum

This report provides a summary of issues discussed at the ACTCOSS 2013 Federal Election Candidates Forum, to which all parties fielding candidates in the two House of Representatives Electorates in the ACT (Fraser and Canberra) and the Australian Senate. 

Update, Issue 65, Spring 2013: Housing & Homelessness

The Spring 2013 journal explores housing and homelessness in the ACT.

Submission: Letters of Offer to Non-Government Providers of Housing and Homelessness Support Services

In this submission, ACTCOSS expresses concerns that there has been sufficient consideration across the whole of the ACT Government of the negative impacts of funding cuts on people who access the relevant housing and homelessness support programs. 

Submission: The Human Rights Audit of Conditions of Detention of Women at the Alexander Maconochie Centre

In this submission, ACTCOSS expresses concern that the needs and rights of female detainees in the AMC are not being met, primarily due to flaws in the original design of the buildings of the prison and the discrepancies of scale in program provision to small numbers of female detainees.

Update, Issue 64, Winter 2013: Delivering on the promise of more choice & control

The Winter 2013 journal explores delivering on the promise of more choice and control.

Joint submission: Inquiry into the Value of a Justice Reinvestment Approach to Criminal Justice in Australia

This joint submission by ACTCOSS, MHCC ACT and ATODA seeks to comment on the areas of the Inquiry that we believe are most important in any discussion about developing and implementing a justice reinvestment approach in Australia, and particularly the ACT.

Update, Issue 63, Autumn 2013: ACTCOSS & peak bodies

The Autumn 2013 journal explores the role of ACTCOSS and peak bodies in the ACT.

Submission: Review of Current Homelessness Costing Structure: Proposing Alternative Costing Model Options December 2012 Consultation Paper

ACTCOSS held a number of consultations with affected service providers and seeks to outline their main thoughts and concerns raised in this comment.

ACTCOSS RAP Progress Report 2012

2012 progress report for actions outlined in the ACTCOSS Reconciliation Action Plan 2010-13.

Submission: Review of the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002

In this submission, ACTCOSS highlights the importance of including harm minimisation strategies with regard to problem gambling in all aspects of the legislation.

Submission: Development of a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan Discussion Paper

In this comment ACTCOSS attempts to highlight the importance of engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in appropriate consultation so they may have ownership over the development and implementation of a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan. 

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2011-12

This ACTCOSS annual report is a record of our achievements for 2011-12, including major policy advocacy, sector development and organisation development activities.

Submission: Strategic Framework for the Management of Blood-Borne Viruses in the Alexander Maconochie Centre 2012-2014

In this submission, ACTCOSS supports efforts to improve the management of blood-borne viruses in a transparent and accountable manner and agrees with the majority of the suggestions put forward in the framework.

ACT Cost of Living Report, 2012

ACTCOSS has prepared a Cost of Living Report, as part of Anti-Poverty Week 2012. The report provides an overview of some of the basic costs of living faced by ACT residents as at June, 2012 and how they have increased over the past 5 years.