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Submission: Inquiry into lessons to be learned in relation to the Australian bushfire season 2019-20

In this submission, ACTCOSS notes the significant mental health toll of the bushfires, as well as the significant impacts of the extreme, prolonged bushfire smoke that blanketed the ACT.

Update, Issue 91, Autumn 2020: Wellbeing in the ACT

Issue 91 of the ACTCOSS journal explores how we can support the wellbeing of everyone in our diverse Canberra community. It also examines the concept of a ‘wellbeing economy’ that secures the economic wellbeing of people while protecting resources and the environment.

Submission: Evoenergy Gas Network 2021 Draft Plan

Our submission welcomes Evoenergy’s commitment to supporting vulnerable consumers while seeking further details that would provide confidence that there will be an equitable distribution of risk as the ACT transitions away from natural gas and that low-income households will not be left worse off.

Submission: NDIS Workforce Inquiry

ACTCOSS has made a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in response to its NDIS Workforce Inquiry.

Submission: ICRC Retail Electricity Price Investigation 2020-24 Draft Report

ACTCOSS, Care Financial Counselling Service, and Better Renting made a joint submission to the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) in response to their Retail Electricity Price Investigation 2020-24 Draft Report.

Submission: Response to the ACT Child Safe Standards scheme

ACTCOSS fully supports the development of an ACT Child Safe Standards scheme based on lessons learned from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. 

Submission: Review of Age of Criminal Responsibility

In this submission to Council of Attorneys-General review of the age of criminal responsibility, ACTCOSS recommends the minimum age be raised from 10 to 14 across all states and territories.

Submission: Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety on the Human Rights (Workers' Rights) Amendment Bill 2019

Our submission to the Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety on the Human Rights (Workers' Rights) Amendment Bill 2019 ACTCOSS argued that all Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) Rights should be included in the ACT Human Rights Act.

Self-Assessment Tool for Recruiting & Retaining Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Workers

This tool is designed to help you think holistically about how to seek, engage, employ and retain Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff within your organisation.

Submission: Response to the ACT Sustainable Energy Policy 2020-25 Discussion Paper

Our submission calls on the ACT Government to assess all measures in its next 5-year plan for sustainable energy against criteria for a just transition to zero net greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT by 2045.

Report: GN21 Energy Consumer Advocacy Workshop Outcomes

This report presents the outcomes from a workshop that aimed at assisting Evoenergy in engaging with, and supporting the engagement of, vulnerable energy consumers as part of the development of their next 5-year plan for the gas network in the ACT and Queanbeyan-Palerang region. 

Update, Issue 90, Summer 2019-20: 2020 is on the horizon - is it the view we imagined?

Issue 90 of the ACTCOSS journal provides a springboard for reflective practice. Contributions from ACTCOSS members and staff capture the hopes and visions held for service reforms, citizen engagement and social justice advocacy.

Submission: Strengthening Partnerships: Commissioning for Social Impact - Discussion Paper

ACTCOSS strongly supports the development of a Commissioning for Social Impact Strategy as a whole-of-government framework that should assist in matching the intent of The Social Compact and other partnership arrangements between the ACT Government and community sector with practice.

Submission: ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2020-21

In ACTCOSS’s submission for the 2020-21 ACT Budget, we outline fifty priorities, calling for adequate resourcing of community-based, non-government delivered services and responses to meet community need and a changing Canberra.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2018-19

This ACTCOSS annual report highlights our achievements for 2018-19, including major policy advocacy and capability activities.

Shattered Myths: 20 years of ACT Council of Social Service work on poverty

Shattered Myths is a retrospective of twenty years of work on poverty, tracing ACTCOSS’s continued efforts to shatter myths about prosperity being available to everyone in Canberra.

Creating Opportunity or Entrenching Disadvantage? 5 Years on: ACT Labour Market Data Update

In this report, WCHM and ACTCOSS have revisited the latest data to determine what changes have occurred in the labour market and how women have fared though the changes compared to men.

ACTCOSS Constitution

The Constitution provides the legal framework and processes that govern ACTCOSS as an incorporated entity under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991.

Update, Issue 89, Spring 2019: Growth of services needed in a fast-growing city

Issue 89 of the ACTCOSS journal illuminates some of the work being done by ACT community organisations to grow the reach and relevance of services needed as our population grows and changes.

Imagining Better - Reflections on access, choice and control in ACT health services for people with disability

The report shows that people with disability self-report poor health outcomes arising from personal and structural issues. It concludes that tangible, specific initiatives with adequate investments are needed to improve access to health services, while a package of work and measures is needed to ensure more supports and cohesion at the NDIS and health interface, including ensuring disability supports continue whilst people access health services.