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Submission: Your Digital Territory: ACT Government Digital Strategy 2020-2022

In this submission, ACTCOSS supports the ACT Government's engagement with the community in the development of its Digital Strategy for 2020-2022.

Update, Issue 88, Winter 2019: Cultural competency: Working together with Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander peoples & communities

Issue 88 of the ACTCOSS journal includes a rich mix of articles that we hope will provide new perspectives and strengthen mutual understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures in your workplace.

Resource: Legislative Compliance Checklist

This legislative compliance checklist was developed by ACTCOSS for internal governance purposes only. It has been shared as a resource for other organisations to adapt for their own purposes.

Submission: 2019-20 ACT Budget Estimates

This submission contains the questions ACTCOSS would like the Select Committee on Estimates for 2019-20 to ask officials who appear before the hearings.

2019-20 ACT Budget Snapshot

This snapshot outlines and briefly analyses the 2019-20 ACT Budget's initiatives relating to the community sector, social justice and people experiencing disadvantage.

Report: Food security, food assistance and the affordability of healthy food in Canberra

This report explores food security, food assistance and the affordability of healthy food in the ACT.

Submission: Bullying and violence in ACT schools

Our submission to the ACT's inquiry on bullying and violence in ACT schools says schools must open up, commit to transparent communication, and develop community partnerships with services.

ACT Decides: 2019 Federal Election Forum Report

ACTCOSS hosted a forum with 8 local candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives to stimulate local dialogue on federal issues looked at through a sharp local lens. This report provides an overview of the discussions, and other documents such as policy priority area briefs are available.

ACT Cost of Living Report, 2019

This 2019 report tracks changes in the cost of living, particularly for low-income households in the ACT.

Submission: Moving Canberra - Planning Better for Everyone

ACTCOSS highlights the need for Canberra’s transport system to plan for everyone to move where they need to, regardless of how they move, in our submission on the draft Moving Canberra 2019-2045 Integrated Transport Strategy.

Submission: Consultation on Adoption Reform: dispensing with parental consent

ACTCOSS notes that before considering adoption reform in favour of dispensing with parental consent, the ACT needs to improve resourcing for parent support programs in the ACT and to address structural reasons for the overrepresentation of some families and groups in the out-of-home care (OOHC) system.

Update, Issue 87, Autumn 2019: Funding models that ensure vital community services thrive

Prompted by ongoing discussions in civil society, services, government and with other funding bodies, the Autumn 2019 journal aims to bring together current ACT thinking about procurement and funding models that will enable community services to thrive.

ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2019-2022

The ACTCOSS Strategic Plan 2019-2022 outlines our vision, purpose, objectives and other guiding principles for 2019-2022. It helps us decide what we focus on and how we work.

Submission: Inquiry into Fuel Pricing

ACTCOSS urges that the ACT Government recognise the impact of transport costs on food security and access to primary health, especially for people experiencing transport disadvantage.

Submission: Response to ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Review of Electricity Pricing Method and Model

ACTCOSS believes there are improvements that could be made to the method used by ACT ICRC to determine regulatory settings for pricing of supply of electricity to small customers in the ACT. ACTCOSS supports improvements that maximise reduced costs to consumers.

Submission: ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Review of the Utility Consumer Code

ACTCOSS believes there are improvements needed to the Utility Consumer Code and to the support processes within the industry and community services to improve consumer awareness, protection and assertion of their rights.

Submission: Family Violence Death Review Draft Models

ACTCOSS welcomes the development of a Family Violence Death Review (FVDR) in the ACT.

Update, Issue 86, Summer 2018-19: Community facilities: Now and into the future

The Summer 2018-19 journal offers information and perspectives around community facility needs and the value of investing in meeting these needs as Canberra is renewed and grows.

Submission: Taxi licences and on-demand transport

This submission on the ACT’s reform to the on-demand transport industry prioritises the need to sustain an adequate supply of on-demand transport within a viable and well-regulated taxi transport industry that is affordable to those who need it and maintains access for those who are most reliant on the network.

Submission: Australian Building Codes Board - Accessible Housing

In this submission to the Australian Building Codes Board, ACTCOSS strongly supports the calls by the Australian Network on Universal Housing Design for regulation on accessible housing.