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Submission: Family Violence Death Review Draft Models

ACTCOSS welcomes the development of a Family Violence Death Review (FVDR) in the ACT.

Update, Issue 86, Summer 2018-19: Community facilities: Now and into the future

The Summer 2018-19 journal offers information and perspectives around community facility needs and the value of investing in meeting these needs as Canberra is renewed and grows.

Submission: Taxi licences and on-demand transport

This submission on the ACT’s reform to the on-demand transport industry prioritises the need to sustain an adequate supply of on-demand transport within a viable and well-regulated taxi transport industry that is affordable to those who need it and maintains access for those who are most reliant on the network.

Submission: Australian Building Codes Board - Accessible Housing

In this submission to the Australian Building Codes Board, ACTCOSS strongly supports the calls by the Australian Network on Universal Housing Design for regulation on accessible housing.

Submission: ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2019-20

In ACTCOSS' submission to the 2019-20 ACT Budget, we focus on a number of community sector priorities for investment and highlight actions and further investment needed to ensure effective implementation of existing commitments.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2017-18

This ACTCOSS annual report highlights our achievements for 2017-18, including major policy advocacy and capability activities.

Position statement: ACT Affordable Housing Strategy

This position statement outlines ACTCOSS member expectations of what we would hope to see included in an ACT Affordable Housing Strategy.

Submission: Review of the Lease Variation Charge

In this submission, ACTCOSS’ position on the Lease Variation Charge is that the charge is an important revenue stream and sound public policy in a leasehold system. We believe LVC remissions could be used to facilitate affordable housing, particularly on well situated urban renewal sites.

Factsheet: Gambling harm in the ACT

This factsheet provides an overview of the extent of gambling harm in Australia and the ACT, outlines statistics on the prevalence of harm, and outlines ACTCOSS’ advocacy asks.

Stories of Chance

Stories about the costs of gambling to the Canberra community and the resilience of those who experience harm and come back.

Update, Issue 85, Spring 2018: Housing futures

The Spring 2018 journal offers information and perspectives around housing affordability in Canberra.

Submission: Maximising the Benefits of the Community Contributions Scheme

In this submission, the Canberra Gambling Reform Alliance calls for improvements in distribution of community contributions derived from poker machine profits.

Submission: Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme targets 2018-2019

In this submisison, ACTCOSS recommends that the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS) priority household target should remain at 20%, with eligibility extended to more low income households and made accessible to those in rental housing. 

Update, Issue 84, Winter 2018: People with disability: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives

The Winter 2018 journal offers information and perspectives around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and disability.

Submission: Review: Good governance principles and guidance for NFP organisations

In this submission, ACTCOSS provides a number of suggestions about how the 'Good governance principles and guidance for NFP organisations’ could be further developed and resources that would assist organisations apply the principles.

ACT 2018-19 Budget Snapshot

This snapshot outlines and briefly analyses the ACT 2018-19 Budget's impacts on people experiencing disadvantage and households on low incomes, and the community sector.

Factsheet: Housing affordability and homelessness in the ACT

This factsheet brings together a range of important data and information for the first time to show the true dimensions of housing stress and homelessness in the city of Canberra.

Response: Human Rights Standards for ACT Corrective Services

ACTCOSS broadly supports the Human Rights Standards for ACT Corrective Services, but there are some key elements which need to be included in the Human Rights Standards, including attention the specific needs of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander detainees and incarcerated women.

Submission: Australian Energy Regulator Issues Paper - March 2018 - Evoenergy Distribution Determination 2019 to 2024

Joint submission by the ACT Energy Consumers Policy Consortium on the Australian Energy Regulator Issues Paper - March 2018 - Evoenergy Distribution Determination 2019 to 2024.

ACT Cost of Living Report, 2018

This report tracks changes in the cost of living, particularly for low income households in the ACT. Canberra’s CPI continues to increase above the national ratework on costs of living in the ACT.