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Literature Review: Recruitment and Retention of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Staff

Review of current literature about and tools available from other organisations and/or industries to improve recruitment and retention of paid staff who identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person.

Response: ACT Greens Discussion Paper: Consent in Sexual Violence Laws

ACTCOSS supports the proposal in the ACT Greens Discussion Paper: Consent in Sexual Violence Laws to reform the ACT’s criminal law to adopt a new definition of consent.

Submission: Secure Local Jobs Package

ACTCOSS supports measures that improve security of employment, especially for people in low wage industries or roles. In this submission to the ACT Government's Secure Local Jobs Package, ACTCOSS writes that the implementation of the Secure Local Jobs Package in community service contracts should comply with the commitments made in the partnership approach outlined in the policies and agreements governing the relationships between the ACT Government and community organisations in the ACT, including the 2001 Social Compact, the 2004 Community Sector Funding Policy, the renewal of the Social Compact in 2012, the revision of the standard Service Funding Agreements in 2016 and the ACT Community Services Industry Strategy 2016-2026.

Submission: Housing Choices Discussion Paper

Housing choice needs to be about more than densification, but about ensuring that new development is accompanied by adequate social and community infrastructure, adequate greenspace and, above all, that it delivers more affordable housing within the reach of people in the lower income deciles.

Submission: Inquiry into the future sustainability of health funding in the ACT

In this submission to the ACT Government's inquiry into the future sustainability of health funding in the ACT, ACTCOSS focusses on gaps and intersectoral issues in reforms where health, ageing and disability meet. We also note broader priorities for investment at the health disability interface within mainstream systems.

Update, Issue 82, Summer 2017-18: Liveable Canberra

The Summer 2017-18 journal offers perspectives on liveability in Canberra.

Submission: Future of Education: Excellence and Equity

In this joint submission between ACTCOSS and the Youth Coalition of the ACT to the ACT Government's Future of Education conversation, we recommend that the ACT Government develop, cost and fully resource a strategy to improve equity in education in the ACT.

Submission: Future of Education: Partnerships between schools and community organisations

In this submission to the ACT Government's Future of Education conversation, ACTCOSS recommends schools and local community service agencies be resourced to build strong collaborative relationships, with capacity to respond flexibly and share resources to improve educational outcomes for young people.

ACT Cost of Living Report: Telecommunications, 2017

This ACT Cost of Living Report shows that there has been a decline in the affordability of telecommunications for people on low incomes in the ACT. It provides recommendations to improve affordability and reduce the digital divide.

Submission: Digital Economy Strategy Consultation Paper

Drawing on insights from ACTCOSS research into telecommunications affordability, the submission highlights the need for the Digital Economy Strategy to address the needs of the people most at risk of digital exclusion.

Factsheet: Disability and access to health services

In recognition of International Day of People with Disability 2017, ACTCOSS has produced a factsheet on disability and access to health services.

Canberra Disability Review - A Cure for Wellness, and Medicopoly Infographic

To mark the UN International Day of People with Disability, we partnered with People With Disabilities ACT on a health-themed edition of The Canberra Disability Review, and produced an infographic 'Medicopoly' highlighting choice and control issues in access to health.

Introduction to Grant Writing

This grant writing resource for ACT NFP community organisations aims to outline both theoretical and practical tools that are key to grant writing: the steps you can take to prepare prior to a grant window opening; frameworks and tools to support your application development when responding to criteria; and avenues for grant seeking and networking in the ACT.

Submission: ACTCOSS Budget Priorities 2018-19

ACTCOSS has released our submission to the 2018-19 ACT Budget. The issues identified by our members were city infrastructure, services, economic development and social infrastructure.

ACTCOSS Annual Report 2016-17

This ACTCOSS annual report highlights our achievements for 2016-17, including major policy advocacy and capability activities.

Stories of Transition

Stories of Transitioncombines individual and organisational stories with information and data to highlight the effects of disruption across the human services sector in the last decade.

Submission: AER Customer Price Information Issues Paper September 2017

Joint submission by the ACT Energy Consumers Policy Consortium on the content and format of the proposed energy retailers' Energy Price Fact Sheet.

Hidden disadvantage in the ACT: Report for Anti-Poverty Week 2017

This report shows that disadvantage exists in the ACT, but that it is often hidden by high overall averages on indicators such as income and education.

Submission: Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence - Policy approaches and responses

The issue of domestic and family violence has gained significant traction nationally and in the ACT over the past few years, however, funding and support gaps remain. 

Submission: Priorities for the ACT Electricity Network: ActewAGL Distribution Electricity Network Five Year Plan 2019-2024 Discussion Paper

ACTCOSS supports the proposal by ActewAGL to engage more deeply with diverse customers (vulnerable and small business) to gain detailed responses to the questions raised in the Discussion Paper.