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Update, Issue 77, Spring 2016: NDIS Transition - Where have we landed?

Publication date: 
October 2016

Contents include:

  • Editorial by Susan Helyar, Director, ACTCOSS   
  • NDIA must return us to the centre
  • One person’s experience of fighting to access the NDIS
  • NDIA decision making
  • Is the NDIS on course, or are there signs it is heading for a different destination?
  • Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation & the NDIS—Our Experience
  • Together we’ll make the impossible happen: our NDIS journey
  • Challenges of converting the NDIS category of ‘short term accommodation’ to meet need
  • Uniting participants in shared housing
  • Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program prepares for the future
  • ACTCOSS learning & development calendar.
  • ACTCOSS staff welcome & farewell
  • Community Shared Statement for the ACT 2016 Election