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Recruiting a Great CEO for your Community Group

10 Steps to Recruiting a Great CEO for your Community Group - Institute of Company Directors Australia

Possibly the most crucial decision that a not-for-profit organisation board will make is the selection and appointment of the group's CEO*. The ability of the organisation to survive and thrive may well depend upon this choice.

While a mediocre CEO may succeed at keeping the organisation ticking over, a great CEO can:

  • Set and encourage excellence throughout the organisation.
  • Maintain morale and provide inspiration.
  • Keep the organisation focused on its goals.
  • Boost support from the community, sponsors, funders and partners.

In undertaking the task of finding a great CEO for your organisation, you need to keep in mind that to at least some degree, one group's trash is another group's treasure – i.e. a great CEO is not really a great CEO unless they suit your group.

There are two major factors that will decide whether or not your search is successful – knowing what you want and how you go about finding it.

* In this help sheet we use the term "CEO" but it is intended to apply to whatever name your group has for its head person (coordinator, general manager, chief executive, etc.)