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Organisations Information Kit

Welcome to the ACTCOSS Organisations Information Kit (the OIK)!

The OIK is designed to give community organisations in the ACT information about governing and managing community organisations in an increasingly complex context.

We will be adding to these resources.

Governance & Strategic Leadership

This section of the OIK outlines the role, responsibilities and challenges that face a Board or Management Committee.

Governance underpins the operations of an organisation and Boards have an overarching responsibility, so it would be helpful to look at the Operational Administration and People Management sections of the OIK in conjunction with this section. In particular, the HR Strategic Framework may help in understanding the responsibilities of the Board in relation to staff and volunteers.

People Management

The people who do the work in an organisations, whether they are workers, managers, administrators, volunteers or board members are crucial to providing quality services and maintaining an organisation. In a complex environment good human resources management and a happy, healthy and safe workplace will go a long way to developing and keeping a great team.

This section of the OIK outlines key information and processes to support you in developing leadership skills and managing people in your organisation and provides sample documents, policies, processes and templates.