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Learning & Development

Community managed organisations face many challenges—operating in a continuously changing and often ambiguous environment with financial, workforce and performance pressures. Sustaining and growing organisations in this context requires a blend of skills and abilities in committees, executives, managers and frontline workers.

Organisations that have excelled in challenging times are those who:

  • put their service user first
  • are values driven
  • are good stewards of their organisations’ resources
  • maintain a strong focus on their purpose
  • are dedicated to leave a lasting legacy.

ACTCOSS learning and development (L&D) initiatives are focused on assisting organisations achieve these goals whilst being designed around the unmet need identified by the sector.

Check out the list of all our workshops and seminars currently open for registration.

You can read about the types of learning and development we offer below.

What are your professional development needs? ACTCOSS encourages community managed organisations to contact us about the professional development needs of their board, staff and volunteers. If you have particular training requirements, we offer tailored training through our consultancy services.

Suggestions? If you have any ideas about learning and development events you’d like ACTCOSS to run, please contact us.

Other training in the ACT: ACTCOSS supports the training delivered by specialist organisations and peaks. For more training visit ATODA/Youth Coalition/MHCC ACT’s Training and Professional Development Calendar.

Reconciliation Programs

Reconciliation is a key focus area of ACTCOSS.

ACTCOSS works closely with Reconciliation Australia and through the Gulanga Program to support the community sector to engage more effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals.

Recruitment and retention: Organisations can receive advice and support to recruit and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers and may initially be interested in undertaking the Workplace Ready Program on the Reconciliation Australia website.

For further individualised support you can contact the Gulanga team and/or Human Resources Network.

Reconciliation Peer Network: For community managed organisations committed to reconciliation, we invite you to join the Reconciliation Peer Network facilitated by ACTCOSS. This network meets quarterly and is supported by an e-network which fosters information sharing and the building of collaborative practice.

Training: ACTCOSS runs training on a variety of cultural awareness topics, such as recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, and cultural integrity.

Upcoming Reconciliation Learning & Development Events

Check if there are any upcoming Reconciliation Program workshops and seminars.

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program consists of a number of workshops to build the capability of managers and team leaders in the community sector.

Topics for the workshops include:

  • Management skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Grant writing
  • Communication
  • Supervision
  • Productivity
  • Planning
  • Resilience.

You may register for one, multiple, or all of these workshops.

The learning outcomes of the Emerging Leaders Program as a whole provide emerging leaders in the sector with sound foundational leadership skills that are consolidated through their work in the sector and engagement in peer networks.

Participants undertaking the Emerging Leaders Program may also be interested in consolidating their learning by participating in peer networks.

Upcoming Emerging Leaders Events

Check if there are any upcoming Emerging Leaders Program worshops and seminars.

People Powered Services Programs

Workshops and activities provided within the People Powered Services Program aim to support all workers and volunteers in the community sector to gain further knowledge and expertise to support themselves and their service users.

Community Development Peer Network: This network has a grassroots approach to supporting frontline workers who are at the pointy end of the service delivery continuum and a critical element in theory of change for the service users they work with. This network provides an opportunity for them to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as share information with their peers.

Join the Community Development Peer Network

Upcoming People Powered Services Events

Check if there are any upcoming People Powered Services Program workshops and seminars.

Improving Quality & Impact of Services Programs

ACTCOSS organises forums and activities with a key focus on improving the quality and impact of services.

Developing Quality & Continuous Improvement: This ACTCOSS workshop is designed to support community managed organisations report against the quality improvement framework, Raising the Standard (RTS), as part of their contractual requirement.

Alternatively, organisations who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of how to implement a continuous improvement and innovative culture within their organisation may also wish to undertake this workshop.

This Quality Improvement & Innovation Workshop includes:

  • An introduction to the Raising the Standard framework
  • How to utilise the continuous improvement model in your team
  • The principles, patterns and core competency for Innovation
  • Advocacy and service delivery.

This workshop can be adapted to meet the needs of your team and your organisation. For further enquiries please contact us.

SIMNA Forums: ACTCOSS supports the Social Impact Measurement Network Alliance (SIMNA) (external link) and hosts forums focused on outcomes and impact measurement.

Upcoming Improving Quality & Impact of Services Events

Check if there are any upcoming Improving Quality & Impact of Services Program workshops and seminars.

ACTCOSS Member Policy Forums

Member Policy Forums: ACTCOSS holds a policy forum for members every 2 months. Each policy forum has a different topic on which we invite speakers to present.

Upcoming ACTCOSS Member Forums

Check if there are any upcoming ACTCOSS Member Policy Forums.