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ACT CASP Peer Network

The ACT Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP), provides community care supports for people under 65 years with a health condition and their carers.

The ACT CASP Peer Network is for representatives of CASP funded service providers, and related health and community services. It provides an opportunity for:

  • Receiving information from relevant ACT Government directorates and providing feedback about program, policy and operational matters
  • Collaborating to identify key issues affecting CASP and related sectors and developing strategies to address them
  • Strengthen working relationship between CASP services and pontential referrers
  • Identifying cross government service or policy issues for analysis and advocacy by ACTCOSS
  • Information sharing, networking, and professional development

Email Network: Attendees of the general ACT CASP Peer Network are invited to subscribe to the Canberra Community Care Network to stay in touch via email.

ACTCOSS also facilitates a supporting email network for sharing information between CASP services, for CASP funded services only - ACT CASP Email Network.

Meetings: Bi-monthly meetings chaired by ACTCOSS. If there are network meetings scheduled, you will find them on our events page.

Membership: General ACT CASP Peer Network meetings are open to representatives from CASP funded organisations and related health and community services.

Join: If you meet the membership criteria outlined above, you can subscribe to the Canberra Community Care Network. Your subscription request will be reviewed by the network moderator.

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