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ACT CASP Peer Network

The ACT CASP Peer Network began in 2016, replacing the previous long-standing ACT HACC/DS Network. The ACT Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP), which replaced the ACT HACC Program, provides community care supports for people under 65 years with a health condition and their carers.

The ACT CASP Peer Network is for representatives of CASP funded service providers. It provides an opportunity for:

  • Information sharing, networking, and professional development
  • Receiving information from relevant ACT Government directorates and providing feedback about  program, policy and operational matters
  • Collaborating to identify key issues affecting CASP and related sectors and developing strategies to address them
  • Identifying cross government service or policy issues for analysis and advocacy by ACTCOSS.

CASP Open Community Health Forum: Twice a year or as needed, the CASP Network will run as an open forum for workers from related community services, health services, consumer representatives and other interested workers.

It will be an opportunity to:

  • Inform potential referrers about the CASP program
  • Share information and network between sectors
  • Discuss issues, problem solve and collaborate regarding referrals and systemic inter-sector concerns.

Email Network: ACTCOSS facilitates a supporting email network for sharing information between CASP services, for CASP funded services only - ACT CASP Peer Network.

Meetings: Bi-monthly meetings chaired by ACTCOSS.

Membership: General ACT CASP Peer Network meetings are open to representatives from CASP funded organisations and ACT Health's representatives. The bi-annual Open Community Health Forum is open to workers from related community services, health services, consumer representatives and other interested workers; this forum will be promoted through the open Canberra Community Care Network.

Join: If you meet the membership criteria outlined above, you can subscribe to the ACT CASP Peer Network. Your subscription request will be reviewed by the network moderator.

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