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Community Sector Policy Officer Network

The ACT Community Sector Policy Officer Network brings together social policy officers and researchers from across the ACT community sector to provide mutual support, share information and ideas, and develop collaborative and strategic research, policy and advocacy projects.

While the network is primarily of relevance to policy officers and researchers engaged in systemic advocacy issues at the Territory level, points of interest and crossover will arise for those working on advocacy at the Federal level and/or in areas of internal sector policy research and analysis.

Email network: ACTCOSS facilitates a supporting email network - ACT Community Sector Policy Network.

Meetings: The network holds meetings a number of times per year, facilitated by ACTCOSS.

Membership: Open to community sector policy officers and researchers.

Join: If you meet the membership criteria above, you can subscribe to the ACT Community Sector Policy Network. Your subscription request will be reviewed by the network moderator.

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