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Human Resources Network

The ACT Community Sector Human Resources Network (HRN) is a network of individuals and organisations interested in sharing, networking and improving processes for services and employees of ACT community sector organisations. The network aims to provide support to HR workers with linkages to information and good practice procedures.

The HRN aims to create a safe networking environment, where we provide an opportunity for the following:

  • building networks and greater coordination between people working within human resources
  • sharing good practice policies and procedures, including recruitment, probationary reviews, performance management and performance appraisals
  • share information on topical issues such as superannuation, industrial relations, awards, and WHS
  • training, development and more!

Email network: ACTCOSS facilitates a supporting email network - Human Resources Network.

Meetings: The network meets quarterly.

Membership: Open to anyone in the ACT community sector who has an interest in or is working in the human resources arena, be that carrying out whole of organisation HR management, or parts of (such as payroll, policy development, performance management, worker conditions, supervision, training and development, recruitment, rewards/recognition, etc).

Join: If you meet the membership criteria above, you can subscribe to the Human Resources Network. Your subscription request will be reviewed by the network moderator.

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