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Tailored Support

ACTCOSS provides tailored support services to help community managed organisations become stronger and more sustainable.

With our tailored support services you can:

  • call or email us with a question
  • arrange one or more face-to-face meetings to work through an issue
  • request tailored training delivered to your organisation.

ACTCOSS is dedicated to supporting community managed organisations navigate through a complex and changing operating environment. We provide independent, one-on-one advice and support to work through an issue with you.

ACTCOSS can tailor information, workshops and advice to the specific situation and needs of an organisation or link you to someone who can.

ACTCOSS will not:

  • Provide Business Advisory Services or advice on Legal or Financial matters
  • Advocate for individual organisations to be funded
  • Monitor or regulate individual organisation practice
  • Support advocacy that prioritises organisational outcomes at the cost of positive social outcomes for individuals and communities in the ACT 

Accessing Tailored Support Services

You do not need to be a member to access tailored support services. We welcome inquiries from ACT Government funded organisations, as well as groups with other sources of revenue or no funding at all.

ACTCOSS members are able to access 3 hours of free tailored support hours per year with any further work provided on a fee for service basis.

Non-members are able to access tailored support on a fee for service basis.

Interested? Please contact us if you’d like more information about our tailored support services, or think that these services would benefit your community organisation.


ACTCOSS can assist you in a variety of topics to help you build the capacity of your organisation:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness: ACTCOSS and the Gulanga Program can assist your organisation to increase awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, and to develop good practice standards for culturally appropriate community services.

Human Resource Management: ACTCOSS can provide community sector managers with a number of skills and strategies to enhance their management of human resources and promote a stronger, more cohesive staff team. ACTCOSS can help you implement strategies to improve staff recruitment, retention, work environment, team building and morale, including culturally appropriate strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.

Strategic Planning: Strategic planning is an important tool for organisations to identify and prioritise their vision, values and goals, and turn these into a logical program for improvement. ACTCOSS regularly advises on methods and tools for strategic or business planning, and can facilitate strategic planning sessions for your organisation’s board, management or staff.

Governance: While community sector boards are full of enthusiastic and committed volunteers, many can benefit from gaining knowledge of their governance responsibilities and how to implement them. ACTCOSS can provide information on helping board members in their roles of providing strategic direction and oversight, developing an organisation’s culture, meeting their financial responsibilities and running effective meetings.

Change Management: Times of change are often stressful for staff and service users alike, and ACTCOSS can assist with skills in change management that can help minimise any negative impacts on your organisation.

Quality Standards: ACTCOSS is funded by the ACT Government to provide support and assistance in using the ACT quality standards self-assessment tool: Raising the Standard (RTS). ACTCOSS can advise your organisation on how to systematically use RTS for improvement, or work directly with staff or management to provide a meaningful way to utilise RTS, given the nature and resource-base of your organisation.

Building Strategic Relationships: A toolkit for the social sector.

Development & Innovation: Tools for community organisations.

Contact us for more information about our tailored support services.

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